Nottingham Selective Licensing: What you need to know

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Nottingham Selective Licensing

Find out everything you need to know on Nottingham Selective Licensing.

Nottingham City Council introduced Selective Licensing in August 2018 which covers 90% of homes in the private rental sector within the city boundary. The cost of a licence is £780 per property which lasts for five years.

You must now have a licence to rent your property within designated Nottingham City Council areas. If you have not submitted an application already then you may now be liable for a £30,000 fine.

The application deadline was 1st August 2018 for most Landlords. Extensions were granted to those with 40+ properties or to letting agents with a portfolio of over 120 properties which would submit applications on behalf of their Landlord clients.

Keep calm though, we can help you with the information below.

Is your current Letting Agent doing everything they can for you?

Has your current Letting Agent done everything they can to help you in applying for your Selective Licence? Have they kept you informed about Licensing requirements and applied for your Licence well within the deadline? Are they ensuring you will remain fully compliant within the 5 years? If not, talk to us to receive free Selective Licensing advice. Call 0115 9243304 or email

Struggling with your application?

Is everything too complicated or do you not understand anything on the Selective Licensing application form? We can apply for you. Call 0115 9243304 now to take all the stress away or view the below brochure to find out more.

Selective Licensing Application Extensions

As above, the extension deadlines have now passed. See our deadline dates below.

Landlords with less than 40 properties in the designated area – 1st August 2018
Landlords with more than 40 properties in the designated area – 31st October 2018
Landlords with a letting agent managing over 120 properties in the designated area – 31st October 2018 (Only applies to agents that process applications for their landlord clients such as Walton & Allen)

Walton & Allen Landlords who are making use of the application service have also been granted an extension due to the amount we have to process. If you wish to have an extension granted, ask us to apply for you. Call 0115 9243304 now. This is of course down to Nottingham City Council discretion and can change at any time.

What happens if I don’t apply?

Nottingham City Council have stated that they will begin to fine Landlords up to £30,000 if they do not have a licence for their rented property. We understand the Council have started checking council tax records, Land Registry and housing benefit records to find those who have not applied. If you have not begun applying for a Selective Licence then we would recommend doing this immediately.

selective licensing informationClick to download our Nottingham Selective Licensing information pack here

The new Nottingham licensing scheme for Landlords was implemented as of 1st August 2018. The aim of the scheme is to ‘raise the standards in the privately rented sector, and to ensure that all tenants living in them are able to enjoy a safe, comfortable and well managed home’. A landlord will need a licence for every property they own within the affected areas.

This is a big blow for Landlords who already keep privately rented properties to a high standard.

We calculate that 94% of Landlords will be affected by this Licensing Scheme.

Should I have applied by now?

Anyone who owns a privately rented home in the designated Nottingham areas should have applied for a licence by now. The only exception is for those properties which already have an HMO licence.

The designated areas  for Nottingham Selective Licensing is as follows:

Arboretum, Bestwood, Bulwell, Bulwell Forest, Basford, Berridge, Bridge, Clifton North, Clifton South, Dales, Dunkirk and Lenton, Leen Valley, Mapperley, Radford and Park, Sherwood, St Ann’s, Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey.

Applications for Selective Licensing opened on 1st July 2018. If your property is included then we advise you to act now to get all required documents together for your application. We are more than aware that this is an unwelcome situation and have been campaigning against certain aspects, on our clients’ behalf. However, the deadlines have now passed and you should have submitted your application by now. Please contact us if you haven’t applied yet on 0115 924 3304.

Is my property in the Selective Licensing area?

Visit the below website and enter your rental property postcode to find out if you are within the licensing area.

What is the cost?

The City Council is charging a Nottingham Selective Licensing fee of £780 per property. At the time of writing, the cost of the licence is tax deductible.

You will of course have to factor in other costs which will help you achieve ‘approval’ for a licence. This includes the cost for:

  • Public liability insurance
  • A DBS check (now voluntary)
  • An electrical safety certificate (optional but advisable)
  • A valid gas safety certificate
  • An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) -Above an ‘F’ rating – See P Cookson Maintenance for details
  • A PAT test for portable appliances in the property
  • Relevant Landlord training (if your property is not managed by Walton & Allen)

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What if you don’t have a licence?

The council also state that anyone who hasn’t applied for a licence could receive a civil penalty of up to £30,000, or prosecution on summary conviction which carries an unlimited maximum fine. Landlords may also be prevented from holding a licence in the future.

Can you get a fee reduction?

Nottingham City Council have said there will be no discount for having multiple properties. The full licence fee must be paid for every property you own in the affected areas. You can get a discounted fee by applying to certain accreditation bodies such as DASH or Unipol. Unfortunately, there are other costs to apply and you may have to spend money in improving your property to meet their standards.

We detail how to get a fee reduction here.

Don’t have your property managed  by Walton & Allen? Email to talk to us about how we can help you stay complaint. We’ll also try to match your current managing agent’s fees.

Nottingham Landlords who live abroad

Non UK landlords will not be able to qualify for a licence and so will need a managing agent to be the ‘licence holder’. We can take that responsibility for these individuals, but only on a fully managed basis. This is because there are significant responsibilities during the 5 year licence period. Monitoring is required, including rent collection and reactions to Nottingham City Council requests during that time. E.g. tenant antisocial behaviour.

What are your next steps for Selective Licensing?

Walton & Allen can help you. We have experience of Selective Licensing requirements as we have helped Landlords get licences within the Ashfield District Council area in North Nottinghamshire. As of 31st OCtober 2018 we have submitted 265 applications to the City Council on behalf of our Landlord clients.

During this time you will

    • Learn the requirements of getting a licence
    • Learn the steps you need to take to retain the licence
    • Have the opportunity to ask any questions about the scheme

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Need help filling in your Selective Licensing application form?

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Need more advice?

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You can email with any questions, where our Nottingham Selective Licensing team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call 0115 924 3304.

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