Selective Licensing Discount Fees

Discounted Selective Licensing Fees

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There are a number of ways to achieve a discount when applying for a Nottingham Selective License. All accreditation will bring the cost from £780 to £520 (at the time of writing).

Update on 21/3/2018: DASH have advised that the discount is not guaranteed as they may not be able to inspect your property before 1st August 2018. 

Walton & Allen Property Management

We are advised by Nottingham City Council that clients of Walton & Allen (fully managed only) will only need to pay the £480. This is because one of our owners is already an accredited landlord through DASH. He, Mark Batty, is prepared to be the ‘licence holder’ on our landlords behalf. However, this is subject to the landlords being ‘fit and proper people’, having a property of good standard and being able to maintain it to the standards required by Nottingham City Council, DASH and Walton & Allen.

Please be aware that this is an ongoing discussion with Nottingham City Council and is subject to change.

We detail our fees and how to apply for management in our Selective Licensing information brochure.

DASH Accreditation

Being accredited by DASH means you will gain a Quality Mark to prove you are a ‘fit and proper’ landlord. Inspections may be carried out on your property and you may have to make changes to bring it up to their standard. These inspections will be in addition to the Nottingham City Council Selective Licensing inspections.

The process for becoming DASH accredited is as follows

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Be confirmed as a suitable Landlord
  3. Complete the DASH Landlord Development Course
  4. Pass a property health check
  5. Commit to the Code of Conduct & agree terms and conditions
  6. Agree to listing your name on a public register of DASH Accredited Landlords
  7. Agree that your tenants can be contacted and invited to join the DASH Tenant Accreditation scheme

Via DASH landlord Accreditation the fee for the ‘Nottingham Standard’ will be:

  • 1 – 5 properties                     £95 + VAT
  • 6 – 11 properties                   £160 + VAT
  • 12 – 29 properties                 £380 + VAT
  • 30 – 39 properties                 £500 + VAT
  • 40+ properties                      price on application

Accreditation can up to 3 years and the fee is non-refundable.

A  fee of £45 + VAT is applicable for renewal of membership, which will take you beyond the 5 year licensing scheme.

These fees have increased as of April 2018 and now cost:

  • 1 – 24 properties           £80+VAT
  • 25 – 40 properties        £200 + VAT
  • 41 – 50 properties        £280 +VAT
  • 51+ properties              price on application

Additional costs may be applicable for any changes you have to make to your property.

Unipol Accreditation

Much like DASH, this accreditation is for student properties only.

The costs for Unipol accreditation are:

  • 1 property                                £76 + VAT
  • 2 properties                             £152 + VAT
  • 3-5 properties                         £180 + VAT
  • 6-10 properties                       £242 + VAT
  • 11-20 properties                     £364 + VAT
  • 21-40 properties                     £520 + VAT
  • 41-60 properties                    £624 + VAT
  • 61-120 properties                   £780 + VAT
  • Unlimited                                £1040 + VAT

Additional costs may be applicable for any changes you have to make to your property.

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