Protecting Your Home / Investment 24/7

As Block Managers, Walton & Allen provide an out-of-hours service to assist and protect residents and property.

We attend emergencies, such as:

  • Lack of water
  • Significant leaking / flooding
  • Failed locked doors / gates
  • Lack of power
  • Fire alarm activation

In July we made improvements to our out-of-hours service and now employ a company that are so well equipped for the role, that they are actually employed in the same capacity by Nottingham Fire & Rescue on the following services:

  • Providing a full turnkey service to the Fire Service
  • Looking after all of their estates, from drains to roofs and every service in between (they won this contract on an OJEU European tender against companies from all over Europe, Britain and Ireland)
  • Providing them with a 24/7 out of hours service with 2-hour response and also, in addition, provide boarding up for them after their incidents in disused or unoccupied buildings.

In addition to this, over the last 2 years the contractor has upgraded the Nottingham Fire & Rescue control room & mobilisation equipment and have been the main electrical and mechanical contractor on the last 15 of their new builds/major refurbs.

Since taking over our out-of-hours services in July, our contractor has dealt with 78 phone call for out of hours & 37 attendances for out of hours, broken down to:

  1. 6 Plumbing – leaks and loss of water
  2. 3 electrical – no power or smell of burning etc
  3. 7 gates failing to open or stuck halfway.
  4. 4 locks failing or access control failing to lock/unlock
  5. 17 Fire alarm activations – all of which have been misuse from residents – either burnt food or maliciously broken call points.

This demonstrates Walton & Allen’s commitment to protecting both residents and landlords from the unexpected, as well as our commitment to providing a continuously improving service to our clients.

Walton&Allen Secure £2k Refund for Property Owners

Directors of Forman House have this week received a £2,005 refund from Nottingham City Council thanks to the efforts of Walton&Allen’s block management team.


Forman-HouseSince 2007 the owners of Forman House have been charged for the collection of three bins at the building, although they have only ever had two bins to be collected. They informed their previous property management company who were unable to resolve the issue.
When Walton&Allen took over the property in May 2015 we set to work putting this issue right. Initially the council agreed to repay the overcharged amount dating back to when Walton&Allen first took over. After further correspondence the council have now agreed to backdate the full amount dating back to 24/08/2007 – a total refund of £2005.00.
All told it took Walton&Allen’s block management team just three months to resolve an issue that had stumped previous block management companies for nearly eight years.
If you don’t feel like you’re getting a full service from your current block management company and you’d like to explore your options further with Walton&Allen please get in touch with a member of our block management team today.

Tel: 0115 924 3304 / 0115 924 1813

Crusader House Project Launches Today

Today’s the day Walton&Allen’s £1.2m development of Crusader house begins.

unnamedThe work, which is due to last for around 38 weeks, subject to weather conditions, will cover a wide range of improvements to areas of the George Street building, including stairwells, roofs, car parks and balconies.

Walton&Allen are very excited to have been commissioned to take on this project and we’re all looking forward to providing updates as the project progresses.

Walton&Allen to begin £1.2m redevelopment of Crusader House and George Street

As further testament to our solid reputation with property development and maintenance Walton& Allen’s maintenance team have been instructed to take on a 38 week project for major improvements to Crusader house and George St.
The work, which will be split into 8 phases will comprise of:

  • The replacement of various balconies, handrails and balustrades
  • Replacing lead flashings and laying down watertight terraces to prevent leaks in the apartments and car parks
  • Repairs to the roofs of both Crusader House and George Street
  • Replacing some internal communal flooring

We will also be replacing some of the UPVC windows and doors that the owners require to be replaced.
Work is due to commence on the 20th of July and is due to be complete within  38 weeks subject to weather conditions.

Our boys come to the rescue

Here at Walton & Allen we pride ourselves on looking after people. We look after our staff. We look after the landlords and tenants of the blocks we manage. We look after the homebuyers and sellers who we are working with. We look after the investors who are adding one of our properties to their portfolio. And we look after Dizzy, our office dog and boss of the company!

So when one of our maintenance teams had the chance to look after some stray cats that had been abandoned, they leapt into action. The guys found the mum and four kittens in the car park at the Crusader House development we manage in the centre of Nottingham.

They had been dumped by their ‘owner’ in a rusty pet carrier with no blanket or water and in the full heat and glare of the sun. They were very underweight and were all covered in fleas. Thankfully, the lovely people at Bramcote Animal Rescue took them all in, gave them flea and worm treatments and gave them some big hearty bowls of cat food!

Now, they’ve put photos of the whole family on Facebook and are spreading the word in the hope of finding foster homes, or even better, permanent homes for all these lovely cats.

Find out more and see the pictures.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any – Dizzy put her paw down at having cats in the office!