Walton&Allen to begin £1.2m redevelopment of Crusader House and George Street

As further testament to our solid reputation with property development and maintenance Walton& Allen’s maintenance team have been instructed to take on a 38 week project for major improvements to Crusader house and George St.
The work, which will be split into 8 phases will comprise of:

  • The replacement of various balconies, handrails and balustrades
  • Replacing lead flashings and laying down watertight terraces to prevent leaks in the apartments and car parks
  • Repairs to the roofs of both Crusader House and George Street
  • Replacing some internal communal flooring

We will also be replacing some of the UPVC windows and doors that the owners require to be replaced.
Work is due to commence on the 20th of July and is due to be complete within  38 weeks subject to weather conditions.