Nottingham Selective Licensing Update 2021

Nottingham City Council have conducted a mid-scheme review on Selective Licensing as we move into year four of the scheme.

Their review consists of a 12 page document which can be read via the Council’s website. However, Walton & Allen letting agents have lifted some key points which may be of interest to our landlords and future clients.

Enforcement action

Since August 2018 when the scheme first began, the Council have issued multiple penalty notices and prosecuted landlords for non compliance. The full breakdown is as follows:

  • 53 civil penalty notices (CPNs), 37 of which were failure to apply for a licence
  • 13 landlords prosecuted for 49 offences at 30 properties (however, only 27 of these offences related to the licensing scheme)
  • 4607 landlords issued with legal notices requiring them to provide information
  • 75 formal written warnings issued in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown (66 of which relate to licensing)
  • 916 letters sent during Covid-19 to encourage applications
  • 3 Rent Repayment Order* determinations in relation to properties unlicensed (2 landlords over 3 properties)

*A Rent Repayment Order can be issued to any landlord who does not hold a licence and is required to do so. This involves the landlord having to repay all rent received during their tenancy back to the tenant.

New applications continue

The Council have stated that “despite the significant amount of awareness raising were [sic] is still a large number of landlords that have not applied for a licence and applications continue to be received at approximately 200 per month”.

Walton & Allen understands that these continued applications may also be as a result of property sales. Licenses are non transferable and a new owner must apply for a new Selective Licence.

Safety certificates

The Council are conducting regular checks on safety certificates. All properties managed for landlords on behalf of Walton & Allen have all the relevant safety certificates in place. If your EICR, Gas Safety Certificate, or EPC is due to expire then it is a legal requirement to ensure these are renewed.

Increase in EPCs

The Council have stated that Selective Licensing has seen a huge increase in properties obtaining an up to date Energy Performance Certificate. Nottingham now has the highest proportion of properties with a valid EPC in the whole country at 70.9 per cent. Just behind sits Manchester with 67.5 per cent and Bristol with 60.1 per cent.

Anti-social behaviour

A major focus for the Council within the Selective Licensing scheme is tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB). When the council receives an ASB complaint, a landlord will be notified but not expected to respond. If a second complaint is received within 12 months then the landlord will be contacted again and expected to discuss what steps can be taken to resolve the issues.

Smoke alarms

Visits to unlicensed properties have uncovered some disrepair and in particular it has been noted that some smoke alarm systems are not working or are completely absent from the property. It is a legal requirement for landlords to install a smoke alarm on every floor of a property and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a solid fuel burning appliance. The landlord is also required to ensure these are working at the start of every tenancy. All properties managed for landlords by Walton & Allen comply with smoke alarm regulations.

Living conditions improve

Property compliance inspections have proven to be successful. In one case, for example, vulnerable tenants were living with only two gas fires to heat their entire home. The landlord upgraded the property with gas central heating.

Licensing fee review

There was a Selective Licensing fee increase in March 2020. Prices rose from £780 to £890 for a five year licence. Nottingham City Council stated that the previous fees were not high enough to cover their overheads, despite having the highest licencing costs compared to every other scheme in the country.

The Council estimates that, at the current rate, licencing applications could total 28,000 by the end of the scheme. Using the current fee structure, with no accreditation discount, this would total almost £25,000,000 in fees for the Council.

At the time of writing there is no plan to increase fees further although this is being reviewed periodically.

Future inspections

The council aims to have inspected 50% of non-accredited properties by the end of the scheme (2023). Non-accredited properties are those managed by landlords who are not accredited by DASH or Unipol.

Based on the figures provided in the Council review report, Walton & Allen estimates 50% of non-accredited applications to be 5610. In March 2020 the Council reported to have inspected 600 properties internally. This means there are 5010 properties left to inspect in the next two years.

Some key stats

Inspections conducted up to March 2020 (Pre-lockdown)
Properties inspected – 660
Properties improved – intervention 202
Properties improved – before Council intervened 70

Applications (Individual and block combined)
Applications received – 27438
Draft licences issued – 22,752
Final licenses issued – 19,951
Applications withdrawn, cancelled, refused – 2474
Number of individual properties where a licence application has been issued – 22099

Temporary Exemption Requests (TEN)
TEN Requests – 925
Approved – 571
Rejected – 97
Withdrawn – 244
To be determined – 13

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    Where to find our branch

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    Eviction rule changes

    The government have now changed eviction rules, effective from 1st June 2021. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, rules were changed which meant landlords have to give tenants a six month notice period. This notice period covered every situation, even if a tenant was not paying rent.  Whilst this was helpful for many tenants, some landlords expressed concern.

    Now the UK is slowly easing lockdown restrictions and the eviction rules have also changed. Some notice periods have reduced, however they are not yet returning to the same pre-pandemic levels.

    As of 1st June, notice periods that were at six months have now reduced to four months. The following will apply:

    Anti-social behaviour will reduce to 4 weeks’ notice and domestic abuse in the social sector will reduce to 2-4 weeks’ notice. In addition, false statement will reduce to  2 to 4 weeks’ notice.

    If the tenant has been in arrears for over 4 months’ then 4 weeks’ notice can now be given.  A breach of immigration rules will reduce to 2 weeks’ notice and the death of tenant 2 months’ notice.

    Where there is over four months of rent arrears, the notice period will reduce to two months from 1st August 2021. 

    Housing Minister, Chris Pincher said “The measures will ensure renters continue to be protected with longer notice periods for the coming months, while allowing landlords to access justice – 45 per cent of private landlords own just one property and are highly vulnerable to rent arrears.”

    In March 2020 the UK government also introduced a ban on bailiff-enforced evictions. This ban has also now been lifted, meaning many landlords can begin to reposess properties with problem tenants.

    The government have been working towards making the private rented sector better for tenants for some time.

    Later this year they will be conducting a full review of Section 21 evictions, meaning the future of repossessing property could be re-shaped completely. 

    Rightmove’s busiest day in history March 2021

    3rd March 2021 was the busiest day in Rightmove’s history thanks to budget announcements by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

    Visits to the website surpassed 9 million hits, which is the highest for a single day than ever before. Hits were also 6 per cent higher than visits after the summer budget on 8th July 2020.

    It is likely that this increased traffic was due to the extension in stamp duty and the announcement of mortgage help for first time buyers with 5 per cent deposits.

    Analysis now states that sellers should bring their home to market by 23rd March 2021 at the very latest to make use of the cuts in stamp duty.

    Nottingham house prices still up

    Analysis by Hometrack states that Nottingham house prices are up 5.8 per cent in the last 12 months. They also rose by 1 per cent in the last 3 months alone.

    Now could be the best time to sell

    With a huge increase in buyer demand and house prices still high, now could be the perfect time to put your property on the market.

    You can find out how much your property is worth for free by calling us on 0115 924 3304 or using the form below.

    You can also use our online valuation tool.

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      Stamp duty holiday set to be extended

      Rishi Sunak is reportedly preparing to extend the stamp duty holiday to June 2021.

      It is important to note that this is not yet official. We will find out if this is the case on 3rd March when the chancellor announces his spring budget.

      Sunak first announced a break in stamp duty in July 2020 to help boost the property market following the first Coronavirus lockdown.

      The vast majority of those purchasing a house at below £500,000 have been made exempt from paying the tax, although those looking to purchase as a buy to let still have to pay 3 per cent of the sale price.

      Huge increase in property sales

      It is thought that one of the reasons for the extension is that there have been conveyancing delays following a huge increase in property sales. This could result in many missing the original deadline of the end of March 2021.

      A report by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has claimed that the stamp duty cut had rocketed the number of house sales to their highest level since before the 2007 financial crisis.

      The number of transactions increased from 132,090 in 2020 Quarter 2 to 225,870 in Q3. This then increase further to 316,300 at the end of Q4.

      As a result, the Centre for Policy Studies has suggested that the government permanently increase the stamp duty threshold to £500,000 or abolish the tax altogether.

      This may be a big ask as the current scheme has seen the government lose over £1 billion in revenue.

      Should you be looking to move?

      At Walton & Allen we have seen a huge influx in both properties coming to market and potential buyers looking to move.

      Nottingham house prices have also risen by another 5.8 per cent over 2020 (Hometrack) which, combined with the stamp duty cuts, makes selling a Nottingham home very appealing right now.

      How much is your property worth?

      Find out today by calling our Senior Valuer, Richard, on 0115 924 3304. You can also fill in the form below to get an up to date valuation on your property.

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        Walton & Allen featured in Best Estate Agent Guide 2021

        Walton & Allen has been featured in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2021.

        The Best Estate Agent Guide is an independent company which surveys estate and letting agents across the country. They have teamed up with Rightmove to map out the perfect customer experience for sales and lettings across the country.

        To do this they conduct the ‘biggest mystery shopping review process ever undertaken of the property industry’.

        The criteria they looked for is as follows:

        • How well properties perform and are marketed on Rightmove
        • Time taken for the listing to go ‘SSTC’ or ‘Let Agreed’.
        • How good the customer service is via email and telephone
        • Market share compared to other agents

        Analysing over 25,000 branches across the UK, Walton & Allen featured in the top 5%.

        Walton & Allen achieved the “Exceptional” rating. According to the Best Estate Agent Guide, branches with this rating ‘showed an outstanding level of service and care towards prospective clients’.

        You can find out more by going to their official website,

        Do you have a property to sell or to rent out to tenants? Call us today on 0115 924 3304 or email to see how we can help you too.

        New 2020 Help To Buy scheme announced

        A newly reconfigured Help To Buy scheme will open to applicants from 16th December 2020.

        The equity loan initiative will run from 2021 to 2023.

        As with the previous scheme, buyers will be able to borrow 20 per cent of the cost of a new build home. Buyers will be required to pay a further 5 per cent.

        This loan is interest free for 5 years.

        The new scheme is very much the same as the old one, except regional price limits will be set. This will be at 1.5 times the average first time buyer price in each area of England.

        This means that the cost of these homes will be closer to the average first time buyer price in each area.

        Home builders will also have to follow more rules this time round if they wish to be eligible for the Help to Buy scheme. They must agree to follow rules set out by the Consumer Code for Homebuilders, the New Homes Ombudsman, the Building Safety Charter, and fulfil planning permissions and building regulations.

        Are you a first time buyer? Walton & Allen estate agents can help you find your dream home. Talk to us to discuss our available properties for sale or to receive first time buyer mortgage advice. Just call 0115 924 3304.

        Gedling Selective Licensing: What you need to know

        Gedling Borough Council will soon introduce licenses for Colwick, Carlton Hill, Daybrook and Newstead Village

        Gedling Borough Council are soon to introduce Selective Licensing to other areas of Nottingham. The City Council introduced a similar scheme for most of their district in 2018, with Gedling Borough soon following suit for Netherfield. Now they are planning to expand to cover further areas.

        To talk to our team about Gedling Selective Licensing, please call 0115 924 3304.

        What is a Selective Licence?

        A Selective Licence is a mandatory scheme for landlords who rent their property to tenants in specific areas of Nottingham. The Council is concerned that many tenants in Nottingham are renting properties which are not safe or of a ‘decent’ standard. The aim behind the scheme is to ensure all properties are kept to good standards.

        The scheme also aims to ensure that all properties are managed by ‘fit and proper’ landlords.

        Does my property need a licence?

        If you own and rent out a property to tenants in Colwick, Carlton Hill, Daybrook or Newstead Village then it is likely that you will need a Selective Licence.

        When will the scheme begin?

        The licensing scheme is estimated to begin in 2021. A 12 week consultation period will run from 12th October 2020 to 4th January 2021.

        After this consultation period the Council will publish more information on the scheme and suggest a start date.

        You can have your say about the scheme by visiting

        What is the cost of the licence?

        There are several different costs for the Gedling Borough Council Selective Licence, depending on your circumstances as a landlord.

        The fee is split into two different payments; the first when you apply and the second when your draft licence is issued. The total fee lasts for 5 years.

        Standard fee

        Total = £700
        Part 1: £520
        Part 2: £180

        Accredited landlord fee

        The proposed licence holder is accredited with either DASH, NLA, RLA, Unipol or equivalent landlord accreditation body.

        Total = £585
        Part 1: £430
        Part 2: £155

        What if I don’t have a licence?

        The Council can prosecute you and issue criminal proceedings. They are also able to fine you an unlimited amount of money.

        What are the licensing conditions?

        The licence holder will be subject to conditions to keep both the property and tenant(s) safe. Below is a summary of these conditions.

        • If gas is supplied to the property then the property will need a valid gas safety certificate
        • Supplied electrical appliances should be kept safe and have PAT tests where necessary
        • The licence holder should ensure smoke alarms are working and maintained throughout the tenancy
        • Supplied furniture should be safe and fire safety labels left in place
        • A carbon monoxide alarm should be installed in any room in the house which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance
        • The licence holder should ensure that repairs are dealt with in a timely manner
        • Any unwanted household items or garden rubbish should be removed
        • Security issues should be dealt with within 24 hours of being reported
        • Security locks and systems should be kept in good working order at all times
        • The tenant should be supplied with security alarm instructions if one is fitted in the property
        • Lock changes should be made for new tenancies if the previous tenants fail to return all keys
        • The licence holder should provide written information on bin collection dates, bulky waste collection services and what each type of bin is used for
        • The licence holder should ensure that the tenants’ right to enjoyment of the property is respected
        • At least 24 hours written notice should be given to tenants before entering the property
        • Inspections should be carried out every six months to ensure the property is fit to live in. A written log must be kept and provided to the Council within 7 days, if requested.
        • At the beginning of a new tenancy, the licence holder must provide the occupier(s) with written information, including contact details, explaining how they can make a complaint about the property and the arrangements in place to deal with emergency and other repairs. Complaints should be dealt with within a reasonable timescale
        • At the beginning of the tenancy the licence holder must provide an information pack which includes a true copy of the property licence, emergency contact details and copies of safety certificates where applicable
        • Written terms or a tenancy agreement must be provided
        • The licence holder should comply with all lettings and landlord laws during the tenancy
        • References need to be sought for each tenants and written evidence kept, should the Council require them
        • Information on the deposit scheme you use, if applicable, should be made available to the tenant(s)
        • The licence holder shall ensure that all reasonable and practical steps are taken to prevent and respond to anti-social behaviour
        • The licence holder must inform the council within 21 days of any material change in circumstances including change of address, change of management or ownership, any criminal charges or any proposed changes to the property layout
        • The licence holder must attend training every 3 years which covers lettings law and legal requirements

        All these requirements can be managed on your behalf using our fully managed lettings service. To find out more, call 0115 924 3304 or email

        Need more advice on Selective Licensing?

        If you need more advice on this scheme then you can contact the Walton & Allen lettings team. You can call us on 0115 924 3304 or email

        Helping you move during local tier restrictions

        At Walton & Allen estate agents, our top priority is the safety of our staff and clients, both new and existing. We realise, however, that many of you still need to move home during the COVID-19 tier restrictions.

        Walton & Allen estate agents are continuing to operate during Nottingham lockdown restrictions, but with safety measures in place.

        Property valuations

        We are still conducting property valuations (sales and lettings) and we are still placing new property listings on the market.

        Valuations are still taking place in person. Our Senior Valuers have been supplied with plenty of PPE gear including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. Valuers are also strictly following social distancing guidelines when they visit a property.

        We are also offering video call valuations if you would prefer to communicate online at this time.

        Please call us on 0115 924 3304 to arrange a property valuation.

        Property viewings

        Where possible, we are asking those who are interested in buying or letting a property to first view a video tour.

        We may have limited access to some properties currently. For example, if there are large families or a large number of tenants in the property then we will be restricted to when we can visit with interested parties.

        When attending a viewing, we will ask you to wear a mask at all times. We will also ask you to refrain from touching any handle or surface.

        All our staff attending viewings will be provided with PPE for your safety and theirs.

        Visiting our office

        We are currently operating on an appointment only basis. Please contact us on 0115 924 3304 or email to arrange a suitable time to visit us.

        Unless medically exempt, you must wear a mask at all times when you enter our office.

        Our phone lines and emails are operating as normal and we are working to our normal opening hours.

        Highest house price rise in 16 years

        House Prices

        New figures released by Nationwide reveals house prices are increasing year on year by 3.7 per cent and in the last month alone by 2 per cent. This means that the annual rate of increase has more than doubled since the Coronavirus lockdown.

        This is the highest monthly property price rise since February 2004 and has pushed the average UK house price from £224,123 to £220,935.

        One of the main contributing factors for this is likely to be that demand for property is currently outstripping supply. Some home owners are still reluctant to put their house on the market even though they wish to move. So, as more buyers fight for the same property, offers are rising.

        Nationwide state that they feel momentum has fully returned to the housing market and they feel that it has recovered fully from the Covid-induced downturn.

        From Walton & Allen’s point of view, almost every one of our available sales properties have been snapped up quickly since coming to market. We had record sales figures for the months of June, July and August and we expect this to continue for a much longer period.

        Mortgage Applications

        Mortgage brokers across the country have reported a record number of applications post-lockdown.

        Due to this, lenders have increased interest rates slightly to try and deter new applications. The lenders hope that this should help to reduce demand and will provide them with more time to get through their backlog.Interest rates could continue to rise so we would advise to act now if you’re looking for any form of mortgage, whether it’s a first time buyer mortgage, buy to let or remortgage.

        How much is your house now worth?

        It’s very likely that you will have made money on your current home in the last few months. If you’re considering moving and want to know more you can find out how much your house is worth in several ways.

        Either call our Senior Valuers, Richard and Joe, on 0115 924 3304 or email

        If you would prefer to simply find out how much your property is worth online, you can use our estate agency online valuation tool.