Landlord Compliance

Gedling Borough Council has recently issued a fine of £2,500 to a local Landlord for non-compliance.

What was the fine for?

The fine was issued because the property did not have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These certificates last for ten years and must be valid when tenants are renting a property. They are also required when you come to sell.

What else should you look out for?

Remember, you need a number of different documents to remain legally compliant when you rent your property. These include:

  • Nottingham Selective Licence
  • EPC
  • Gas Safety (If applicable)
  • Electrical Safety (Not required but recommended)
  • PAT test (If providing electrical appliances)

How can you prevent Council fines?

You must ensure that you are fully compliant when renting your property to tenants. Details on Selective Licensing compliance can be found here. You can also read more about preparing a property for tenants on the Nottingham City Council website. This information applies to every local Council area.

Another safe option would be to have your property fully managed by Walton & Allen. All properties managed by us are monitored for full compliance on a regular basis. This means you should avoid any fines without having to monitor compliance yourself!

If you would like to talk to us about staying compliant through our fully managed service, please call Ricky on 0115 924 3304. You can also use the form below to get in touch.

Talk to Walton & Allen to get help

If you are worried you may not be compliant with any area of your lettings property then talk to us for advice today. Use this form to ask any questions and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Nottingham Property Prices

Spring is drawing to a close and Nottingham property prices are still growing.

We are still one of the top performing cities for property price growth across the UK and have been since last year.

Top 3 for property price growth

Hometrack have reported that Nottingham property prices have grown by 4.5% in the last 12 months. This puts the city in joint third place across the UK.

The cities placed higher in their report were Manchester (joint third), Liverpool and Leicester at 4.9% growth (joint second) and Glasgow at 5.1% growth.

Nottingham was also third for growth in the last 3 months. Prices rose by 2.0%, behind Oxford and Glasgow at 2.1% and Liverpool at 2.6%.

The Hometrack report also states that the average Nottingham house price is £154,500.

Market remains strong

In their latest blog, Rightmove have stated that buyer demand is extremely high. This is usually the case during spring, as more look to move in the spring and summer months than any other.

Political uncertainty also seems to be a thing of the past; The number of houses coming to the market are almost the same as last year. This means it is business as usual, despite talk of a no deal Brexit.

We are also seeing less time wasters looking to buy. People who do make offers are serious and want to move as quickly as possible. Fall through rates are dropping and the time it is taking from putting your property on the market to completion has dropped.

What does this mean for your property?

If you bought your property for £250,000 three months ago then you could have made £5,000 already!

How much is your property now worth? You can find out by booking a valuation. Call Nick and Richard on 0115 924 3304 or use the form below to submit a request.

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Walton and Allen estate agents in Nottingham provides property sales, lettings and mortgage advice. Talk to us today to see how we can help you!

Free Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Mortgage broker Nottingham

Are you looking for mortgage advice, Nottingham or a trusted mortgage broker in the Nottingham area?

Our recommended Nottingham mortgage advisor has years of experience in finding some of the best Nottingham mortgages for home buyers, potentially saving them hundreds of pounds on interest rates.

We’ll compare 100s of deals to find the right one for you. This will potentially save you the money over the mortgage term.

Finding a deal yourself can be a stressful and time-consuming process. This is why our mortgage broker is trained to help take all the stress away when finding a new mortgage deal. The’ll also follow the application process through for you, right up to sale completion.

Need advice on finding one of the best mortgage deals available to you? We are available to chat with over the phone, or in person – at either your own home or at our branch in Nottingham. Call 0115 9243304.

Our broker

We don’t work for a bank and are not affiliated with any particular lender. This means we only have your own interests at heart. We’re also not a big corporation. We are a local, family run and independent agency and also very friendly!

Our broker would always recommend seeking mortgage advice before viewing properties with estate agents. This will help you decide how much you can borrow and avoid unnecessary viewings on properties you may not be able to afford.

Mortgage advice tailored to you

We can usually help you in all situations. Perhaps you are unsure if you can get a mortgage, or you are self employed and want to know how much you can borrow? Maybe you are a first time buyer looking for mortgage advice. Our brokers also help those who are looking to buy a new home and remortgage or those purchasing an investment property with a buy to let mortgage. We can also offer mortgage advice for several other schemes – just ask! We offer mortgage advice you can trust, from a local, family run, mortgage broker service.

During your mortgage advice appointment you can find out:

  • Which lenders will approve a mortgage based upon your personal financial circumstances
  • How much you could borrow from a lender
  • Which lenders have the best interest rates based on your income
  • How you can gain approval for a mortgage if you have any debts, CCJs or loans
  • How much your monthly repayments would be on a mortgage
  • If any mortgage lenders are offering deals such as cashback or free property valuations
  • Plus much more!

We also provide mortgage advice for

Whilst our office also houses the estate agent Nottingham team, we are not affiliated to any particular lender. This means the mortgage broker you speak to can compare potentially hundreds of different lenders to help find you the best mortgage deal. This is what is meant by the ‘whole of market’.

We’ll also look at any hidden mortgage costs and help you decide whether each deal is suitable for you based upon your individual circumstances.

Walton & Allen are always available for a quick chat to discuss any mortgage questions, just phone 0115 9243304, or email

Steps when working with a mortgage broker

We’ve created a short video to explain the steps when working with a mortgage broker.

You can visit our financial services page to book an appointment. The initial appointment is free and can be conducted over the phone, in branch or at your own home.

Can’t afford your first home? Think again!

Mortgage approvals also have hit an all time high at the end of 2018. This means that mortgage companies are willing to agree lots of deals for property buyers. If you’re worried that you may not get a mortgage then you could be wrong! Talk to our mortgage broker today to find out.

Got a complicated financial situation and need to know if you can get a mortgage?

Talk to us today – You can probably get a mortgage deal with bad credit or on a low income. We always give 110% to try and find you a mortgage deal – it’s what we’re here for! We receive a large amount of enquiries from those looking to buy their own home but cannot afford to do so because of low credit, debts or other issues. Whilst we cannot absolutely guarantee we can find a mortgage deal for you, we will certainly try every avenue we can.

Looking to book a mortgage advice appointment in Nottingham? Use the form below and we will call to advise or book an appointment.

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Buy to let mortgage advice

Nottingham is rated as one of the best cities for buy to let property investments. We offer free initial mortgage advice appointments to investors looking to buy to let on a regular basis. Whether you are looking to buy a house, flat, or swap your mortgage from a residential to a buy to let, we can help and provide local advice! Our mortgage brokers can also help with splitting your money across several mortgages in a process called Gearing. This would help you increase your property portfolio. Why not talk to our property sales team whilst you are here on a mortgage appointment? They can advise on some of the most lucrative investment properties available.

First time buyer mortgage advice

If you are a first time buyer looking to buy your first home then we can help. If you have no idea what to do when applying for a mortgage then our mortgage brokers will explain everything to you, there’s no need to worry about a thing. Whilst you’re chatting about your first time mortgage, why not chat to our sales team about Help To Buy schemes and see which first time buyer properties we have available to buy?

Self employed mortgage advice

It is a fairly common thought that those who are self employed may struggle to get a mortgage deal compared to those who are employed. This is often not the case though. If you are self employed and looking for self employed mortgage advice then we should be able to find a great mortgage deal available for you. Our mortgage advisor will be able to answer all of your questions and make recommendations based on your own financial circumstances.

Mortgage Calculator

You can also find out how much you could potentially borrow by using our Mortgage Calculator. By submitting just a few details our recommended mortgage broker will look over the details and find some of the best deals available to you.

You can also download our free mortgage advice e-book to explain the whole mortgage application process. It is definitely worth a free for all first time buyers.

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. 

Walton & Allen Financial Services: Mortgage Advice Nottingham. Walton & Allen are also estate agents and letting agents, Nottingham.

About our mortgage brokers in Nottingham

Our mortgage broker provides advice in our branch, however they are employed by another company.

Mortgage and Protection advice is provided through our association with the mortgage brokers at Premier Mortgage Services (Nottingham) Ltd. Their mortgage advisors have been providing advice for well over 20 years and have access to almost every lender. They also have some exclusive deals which wouldn’t be available if someone went direct. They also help clients from all over the UK and even have a broker based in London. There’s almost nothing they cannot do when it comes to helping you!

mortgage advisor nottingham

Our recommended mortgage brokers, Premier Mortgage Services, is a trading name of Premier Mortgage Services (Nottingham) Limited, which is an Appointed Representative of Stonebridge Mortgage Solutions Ltd. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Registered in England and Wales No 3476608. Registered office: 10 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AA.

Do I need a Selective Licence in Nottingham?

If you own a buy to let property in Nottingham then you may be wondering ‘Do I need a Selective Licence?’. You may have also received a letter from Nottingham City Council explaining that you may need a Housing Licence.

Walton & Allen Letting Agents Nottingham have an expert team dedicated to Selective Licensing. We explain some key points below in this post.

How to check if you need a Selective Licence

If you rent out a property which is within the Nottingham City Council boundary you will probably need a licence. There are only a few areas which are not covered by the scheme.

Your first point of call would be to go to their interactive map and type in the postcode of your buy to let property.

What happens if I do need a Selective Licence?

If you find that your property is within the Selective Licensing scheme then you will immediately have to apply for a licence. The scheme began in August 2018 and you could now be liable for a £30,000 fine. It is a criminal offence to not have a licence and rent your property to tenants.

You may also be liable for a rent repayment order. This means that the tenants can claim back their monthly rent for up to 12 months.

How do I apply for a Selective Licence?

You can apply for a Selective Licence by going to the Nottingham City Council website.

If you are finding the application process complicated and need more help, we can do the application for you. Call our Selective Licensing team on 0115 924 3304 to find out more.

The application process is free of charge if your property is fully managed by Walton & Allen. The licencing fee payable to the Council still applies.

Get more information on Selective Licensing

Do you need to find out more about Selective Licensing? You can call us on 0115 924 3304 or you can visit our Selective Licensing Hub. This features all there is to know on the Nottingham scheme.

Selective Licensing area map

To find out if you legally need a Selective Licence, visit the Nottingham City Council website.

Nottingham estate agents see spring price boost

Nottingham estate agents have seen a big spring boost in the property market.

Rightmove have reported that property prices have grown by over 1% in the last month alone. This rise is the biggest month on month for over a year. It is also the largest rise at this time of year since 2016.

This growth is particularly good news with the uncertain political climate.

2019 Nottingham Property Market

The Nottingham property market has been mixed throughout 2019. Property prices have continued to steadily grow but there has been a shortage of property coming to market compared to people looking to buy. This is no doubt due to delays and problems with Brexit.

The good news is that most are deciding that they cannot hold off any longer and the Nottingham property market is now looking more positive than ever this year so far.

What does this mean for the property market?

Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove says: “This extension could give hesitating home movers encouragement that there is now a window of relative certainty in uncertain times.”

He also stated that he would expect people to take advantage of “static property prices” and “cheap fixed-rate mortgages”.

Thinking of selling your property?

Want to make the most of this property market news? Talk to our estate agents today by calling 0115 924 3304 and get a free property valuation. You can also use the form below to get in touch.

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Lettings Fire Safety – Top Tips

Fire safety is obviously extremely important when letting your property to tenants. Below we provide some basic tips on how to ensure your tenants stay safe throughout the tenancy.

We would always recommend talking to a fire safety expert to ensure your tenants are completely safe, however we have issued some guidelines below.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and other fire safety methods may need to be considered.

1. Ensure there are adequate means to escape the property

This may seem obvious but you must ensure that tenants are able to escape the property easily in case of a fire.

2. Carry out a fire safety inspection

Before you let your property you should carry out a fire safety inspection. We would recommend to do this with a fire safety expert.

During the inspection you should look at all fire hazards and detect the level of risk they pose to the building and the tenants. Those

Significant hazards should be addressed and safety measures should be put in place where possible.

3. Use smoke detectors

Smoke detectors should be installed on all floors of a building as a legal minimum. For most, this means placing one in the hall way and one on each landing of the property. These can be battery operated or mains powered.

You also need carbon monoxide alarms in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance.

Remember to check alarm batteries when a tenant moves out as they may fail to replace them.

4. Fit self closing doors

It would be advisable to fit self closing fire doors into your buy to let property. These will contain any fire and help tenants to escape.

5. Have doors open from the inside

It is advisable to have front and back doors with a thumb turn lock. These can easily be opened from the inside without a key.

6. Get an electrical safety certificate

An electrical safety check is always advisable when renting out a property. This is a document issued by a certified electrician to test all electrical circuits and appliances in a property.

You should also check all sockets are in good working order at the end of the tenancy.

7. Ensure any furniture is fire safe

If you leave any furniture in the property, ensure it is fire safe. It is also advisable to leave fire safety tags still attached to each individual item.

HMO Fire Safety

Note that there are additional fire safety regulations for HMO properties. This includes providing fire extinguishers. HMO properties are also required to have self closing fire doors fitted.

Remember, always check with a fire safety expert to ensure your property is fit for tenants to live safely. You can also check the government website for more fire safety information.

Need your lettings property fully managed?

Walton and Allen Letting Agents Nottingham can help manage your property, including advising on fire and safety matters. We will also manage the Nottingham Selective Licensing process for you.

Have everything taken care of for your own piece of mind. Chat to us today on 0115 924 3304 or use the form below.

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Nottingham Selective Licensing 2019 Update

The Licensing scheme has now been in place for eight months. Here we provide a Nottingham Selective Licensing update.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update

In 2018 Walton & Allen submitted over 250 applications to Nottingham City Council on behalf of our Landlord clients. All applications were sent on time, well before the deadline.

To date, the Council have not issued any licences to our Landlords, although it appears all applications have been accepted.

We will of course update all of our Landlord clients when their licences are issued.

Ensuring properties remain compliant

By now, all our Landlord clients should be well aware of all Selective Licensing conditions. Those properties which do not remain compliant could be subject to a fine of up to £30,000. This is payable by the Landlord. If you are unaware of these conditions, please read our Selective Licensing article.

We are helping you to avoid fines

If you are a fully managed Landlord client at Walton & Allen, you may have noticed that we have begun thorough Licensing inspections.

These are included as part of our fully managed service where Walton & Allen is the licence holder. The reports will ensure that your properties are kept to a high standard which should help to pass any City Council inspections.

As far as we know, we are the only Letting Agents in Nottingham to be doing this for our Landlord clients. This is just a part of our commitment to providing an outstanding level of service.

A sample of the inspection reports are shown below.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update 2019

Nottingham Selective Licensing Landlord Training

Another condition of the Licence is training. Landlords are required to submit evidence to the Council that they are receiving relevant training at least once every three years.

We have now had confirmation that no Landlord training is applicable if we are holding the licence on your behalf.

If you are not already a fully managed client with Walton & Allen and wish to have all licensing responsibility taken on by someone else, talk to us today on 0115 924 3304.

Do you have a property which is not licensed?

If your rental property is within the Nottingham City Council boundaries you will almost certainly need a licence to continue letting to tenants. It is now a legal requirement.

To avoid potential £30,000 fines, talk to us today about submitting an application to Nottingham City Council as soon as possible.

You can contact me, Brady, the Selective Licensing Coordinator on 0115 924 3304 or email Alternatively, use the form below to ask any questions.

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UK interest rates on hold

There’s potential good news for those with a mortgage as interest rates are put on hold by the Bank of England.

Interest rates were last year raised to 0.75% from 0.5%, but the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee voted to keep rates as they are due to the timing of our EU withdrawal.

When asked whether interest rates would move up or down when the time is right, the MPC stated that they could move “in either direction”

How this could impact mortgage rates

When the interest rate rose to 0.75% last year, a rise in mortgage rates also followed. This meant that most who were not on a fixed mortgage deal were soon asked to pay more towards their mortgage every month.

As interest rates remain the same, mortgage repayments should also remain the same for the time being.

Need some advice on your mortgage?

If you’re not on a fixed rate deal, it may be a good idea to do so. This should protect you if interest rates raise any further.

Our recommended mortgage broker can talk you through this during a free appointment. Just call 0115 924 3304 or use the form below.

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Mortgage and protection advice is provided through our association with the mortgage brokers at Premier Mortgage Services (Nottingham) Ltd. Their mortgage brokers have been providing advice for over 20 years on all types of mortgages and circumstances.

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. 

Estate Agents Beeston – Property Valuations

Estate Agents Beeston

Walton & Allen estate agents Beeston have recently been selling property around the Beeston and Bramcote areas with great success.

Did you know? Walton & Allen have been voted as one of the top 3 estate agents in Nottingham by ThreeBestRated. Find out how we can sell your house here.

Talk to us today to find out how much your Beeston property is worth. Call our expert Senior Valuers on 0115 924 3304 or use the form at the bottom of this page.

We operate a no sale, no fee policy so it is completely free to get a valuation if you are looking to sell your property within the next few months.

Beeston Property

Beeston is an extremely sought after area when it comes to buying property, particularly for first time buyers. There is a wide range of property available, all at varied prices. The most popular properties for sale in Beeston in the last year were semi-detached houses.

Recently we sold a property in Bramcote on Ewe Lamb Lane. This had 84 viewings and 7 offers, proving just how popular the area can be!

estate agents beeston bramcote

We also just sold a terrace house on Derby Road, very close to Beeston and Bramcote village. This had 8 viewings and sold within 14 days of coming to market! View a 360 tour of this house below. Ensure you watch through the YouTube app if you’re reading this post on mobile.

About Beeston, Nottingham

Beeston as a whole has had approximately 106 completed sales in the last 12 months according to Zoopla. House prices are also on the up by 4% over the last year and up 17% since 2007. The average sale price can vary from £59,950 up to £1.25million, with property prices increasing further in nearby Beeston Fields.

With great links to the QMC hospital and Derby, plus the A52, M1 and tram links, there is so much to offer for those living in the area.

The Beeston high street is a thriving community with shops, bars, restaurants and a local college.

Beeston Property Valuations

If you’re looking to sell your property in Beeston or Bramcote, use the below form. We provide free property valuations in Beeston, as well as property sales, lettings and Beeston mortgage advice.

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Mortgage Advice Beeston

Walton & Allen estate agents also offer initial free, independent mortgage advice. This will help you choose the best lender and hopefully the best deal for you, depending on your financial circumstances. Use the form below to book an appointment with our mortgage advisor, or to request some advice over the phone. You can also call us on 0115 924 3304.

You can contact me for marketing purposes via:


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Beeston Landlords

If you are a Landlord with a property to let in Beeston then we are here to help. We manage properties for hundreds of Landlords which involves finding tenants, collecting rent and managing maintenance issues.

Beeston is a brilliant place for Buy To Lets as plenty of students live nearby and there is no requirement to have a Nottingham Selective License.

If you’d like to find out what we can do for you on our Landlord fully managed service then get in touch. We can also provide up to date rental valuations on any Beeston property. Just call 0115 924 3304 or use the form above.

About Walton & Allen Estate Agents Beeston

Established in 2000, Walton & Allen Estate Agents are an independent, family run sales and lettings agency. We provide property for sale, to rent, mortgage advice, block management and maintenance services across the whole of Nottinghamshire.

Our expert team has over 100 years combined property knowledge. We will always attempt to get the best possible price for your Beeston property, and sell it in as quick a time as possible to help you move.

We’re a friendly team and always happy to help!

Letting a property to tenants

Letting a property to tenants: Your essential guide

So you’re considering letting your property to tenants. As letting agents in Nottingham, Walton & Allen have decades of experience in the rental market.

Whether you’ve bought a new property as a buy to let investment, or you’re thinking of letting your residential home, this guide will help you get started.

Getting started with letting a property

You will need to make a few changes before you consider letting a property.

Talk to your mortgage company

If your property is mortgaged and you have previously been living there, it is likely you will have to change over to a buy to let mortgage. Be honest with your mortgage lender as there could be serious consequences.

Look at your insurance policies

You’ll need to talk to your building insurance provider and tell them you are letting the property. You’ll also want to look at getting landlord insurance. This could cover you for damage to your property, tenants not paying rent or public liability if your tenant injures themselves and blames you.

Check your EPC rating

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a legal requirement when letting a property. As of April 2018, all EPCs legally have to be above an E rating. Anything below an E and you cannot let your property to tenants.

Check to see if you need a licence to let your property

Nottingham City Council have introduced a Selective Licensing scheme to most properties within their boundaries. This means you will need to apply for a licence before you can legally let your property. There are many requirements which need to be adhered to which will ensure you remain compliant. Read more about Selective Licensing.

Your property needs to be gas safe

Your property will need a Gas Safety certificate before tenants move in. This is another legal requirement to keep your tenants safe. Some blocks of flats do not have gas and will not need a Gas Safety certificate. You must check this.

Check your detectors!

You will need at least one smoke alarm on each floor of the property. You’ll also need to look at carbon monoxide alarms in any room where solid fuel appliances are contained.

Do your checks

Can you afford it?

Letting a property can be a big financial strain. To begin with, buy to let mortgages usually have higher fees.

You’ll also need to consider how you will pay for the mortgage when the property is left empty. Most landlords ensure they have some savings to cover this as it could take two or more months to find new tenants.

Think about maintenance work to your property as well. Properties naturally deteriorate over time and general repairs will have to be made. Tenants may also cause damage which will need to be fixed when they move out.

How much rent can you achieve?

This is a big question for new landlords. Talk to Ricky, our Investments Manager, who will be able to give you a free rental valuation. This can be done either over the phone or in person. Find out how much rent you can achieve today by calling 0115 924 3304 or visit our rental income page.

What else needs to be considered?

Whilst we have tried to include all essential information in this guide, lettings legislation can change regularly and there may be other things you need to consider based on your individual circumstances. Our advice would be to speak to our lettings team directly to go through the finer details. We’ll aim to ensure nothing is missed. Just call 0115 924 3304 today.