Walton & Allen Commended by Nottingham City Council

Walton & Allen have been commended by Nottingham City Council for being so proactive in working towards a safer environment for all residents in managed blocks.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, Walton & Allen have announced they have put in place with immediate effect a dedicated Fire Safety Team for all their 43 residential apartment blocks, managed across the East Midlands.

Whilst safety has always been top priority for residents within all blocks, Walton & Allen want to ensure every occupant is as safe as possible when living in their apartment.

The Fire Safety Team will carry out a wide variety of tasks, including:
• Day to day safety checks
• Fire risk assessments
• Liaising with fire departments, governments and local councils to ensure that all statutory and legal requirements are met
• Conducting surveys for each building
• Reviewing building materials previously passed by regulators and taking action if appropriate
• Checking the construction of the buildings and rectifying any inadequacies to ensure the integrity of the buildings

Walton & Allen are confident that they are the only Managing Agent actively taking as many steps as possible to minimise the risk of fire and would encourage all other agents to produce a similar plan of action immediately.