Solicitors form an integral part of the property buying and selling process.

Property Buyers

With so many solicitors to choose from it may be difficult to find the perfect one based upon your own circumstances. Walton & Allen estate agents often make conveyancing recommendations to help start the moving process.

This starts with a simple quote to give you a simple idea of costs, although you can choose to accept this quote and begin the process almost immediately.

Buyers should also be aware that having a solicitor in place can often make your offers more appealing to property owners and estate agents. It just shows your serious about making a purchase.

Why should you receive a quote?

  • It gives you an idea of solicitor costs, including stamp duty and legal fees
  • It makes any offer more appealing to property owners as it shows you are serious
  • It can speed up the moving process if you are already legally prepared
  • Using a recommended solicitor makes the process smoother and often faster
  • It saves you time in looking for the right solicitor for you

Getting a quote

To receive a conveyancing quote, fill out our form and we will be in touch. There is no obligation whatsoever to use the solicitor who provides a quote.

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Walton & Allen may receive a fee for recommending a solicitor.

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