Making Your Home as Photogenic & Saleable as Possible, Without Spending an Unnecessary Fortune

Last month I met a lovely couple and their young child. They had decided to move. Like many other families of their age, they needed more space. However, they had made the fatal mistake of house hunting first which had resulted in them finding a home they loved. They needed a quick sale. However, they also needed a top price in order to be able to afford their dream property.

Does this situation sound familiar? This is what I advised they did, and it worked. Their home is sold.


Begin by making your rooms look more spacious. Remove any excess furniture, kids’ toys and tables, get rid of the coats on the back of the door, plump up the cushions and arrange the furniture so that the space is maximised; stand in the corner of the room and study the room from this perspective as though you were taking a picture and see how spacious it all looks.

Clean & touch up

Look objectively at your home. Now is the time to really give it a thorough clean. Make it sparkle and shine. Touch up any paint work. If you want the best price, your decor needs to be fresh and tidy. If you find it difficult deciding which bits to do, get a friend to have a look around and ask their opinion as though they were a buyer.


It works for the show homes, so it will work for you. Think like a hotel and dress your bed. Invest in statement light fittings for your main living areas. Make your rooms smell exceptional with interior fragrances. Plump up cushions in your lounge. Make sure your home so that it co-ordinates and flows. It all helps to impress those buyers.

Bringing it all together

Add in a full marketing package and an experienced sales team and you will give your home the best chance of selling for the best price possible. If you’re looking for more personal advice, suited to your home, it is worth having a consultation with Walton & Allen’s experienced property Valuers.

One of our Walton & Allen branches has hit an average selling time of just 7 weeks. Is it your time to sell?