Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director has attended site today, and met with a CCTV contractor to discuss a quote for future work.

Tank Check

Sterilizing Services will be on site Wednesday 18th April to carry out a tank check.

Mansafe Test

Following our comment on March 13th Omega have attended site and completed the annual service visit to the mansafe equipment.

Caretaker Cover

Please be aware that Edward the Concierge is on annual leave for the rest of the week. Cover is being provided by a member of the Walton & Allen Maintenance Team who will also be carrying out touch up painting over the next few days.

Mansafe test

Omega will be on site Wednesday 4th April 2018 to complete a routine test on the mansafe system installed on site.

Lift inspection

INL will be on site today to complete an inspection on the lifts for insurance purposes

Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director carried out a site visit and inspection today. He noted down all lighting issues, and he has ensured that these repairs will be ordered and carried out as soon as possible.

A few other issues have been noted, such as the re-carpeting of certain areas, and these will be actioned as soon as possible.

We are also currently reviewing the security of the building as a whole. On Tuesday 13th you will only be able to get into the building if you have a fob. We are also looking at putting a secondary gate on the rear of the car park to stop loitering. We are reviewing further options such as enhancing the CCTV, as well as improvements to the entrance area. Please note all of these areas above are being reviewed as there is only a limited amount of money to spend on security improvements to the block, so we need to make sure we get the best value for money.

We also ensured that a number of large items were removed from the building following residents fly tipping yesterday.

Bulky Waste

Following our comment on 2nd March any bulky waste items have now been removed from site.

Door Entry Systems

Please be aware that residents will no longer be able to gain access via the two internal doors via code after Tuesday 13th March. After this date entry will be via fob only.

Bulky Waste Removal

A quote from the cleaners has been instructed for any bulky waste to be removed from site. We are currently awaiting an attendance date.