Internal Door

We have been made aware that the lock on the internal door has seized and will not open. A contractor has attended site and remove the lock to ensure that it closes due to it being a fire door. A lock is being sourced to fit the existing keys, we have been told that this may take up to 1 week.

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Trainee Property & Contracts Property Manager have attended site and completed a walk around inspection of the communal areas.

Building Survey

Cloud Surveyors have attended site and completed a building survey in the main building.

Building Survey

Cloud surveyors will be re-attending site on Wednesday 2nd May to access any apartments that would like to be included within the building survey.

Grounds Maintenance

A contractor has been instructed to attend site monthly and carry out the below duties. Their visits will be on the last working day of every month. The first visit will be on 30th March.

  1. Weed Control.
  2. Tending to planted areas and flower beds.
  3. General tidy up of car park and surrounding areas of litter.


The AGM for Crown Mill was held last night, and we thank everyone for their attendance and for voicing their thoughts.

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property Manager has attended site today and carried out an Emergency Light Test.

Weather Conditions – PLEASE READ

Due to the snowy and icy weather conditions, please only travel if necessary. Please be extra careful and vigilant when traveling around the block/site. Due to the possible issue of pipes freezing, please keep an eye on this and keep your heating on throughout today to prevent this issue.

Please note it is not Walton & Allen’s or the management companies responsibility to grit communal areas.

Survey and Gutter Clearance

A survey has taken place today with Cloud Surveyors, and the accessible princess street gutters have been cleared. Please see the photo’s below:

Building survey

Walton & Allen’s Roaming Caretaker has attended site today to place temporary signs in parking space numbers 3, 4 and 13 as per our comment below. They have also cleared the bin area of bulky waste items.