Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director has attended site today, and met up with Severn Trent Water regarding the change to the pump.

Window Cleaning

Our Window Cleaners from Clean Slate will be attending site next week.

Bridge Lights

Following our comment on 1st March our contractor has attended site today and replaced the mounted lights on the bridge.

Bridge Lights

A quote has been instructed by the Directors for the lights mounted on the bridge wall to be replaced. We are currently awaiting an attendance date from the contractors for the works.

Weather Conditions – PLEASE READ

Due to the snowy and icy weather conditions, please only travel if necessary. Please be extra careful and vigilant when traveling around the block/site. Due to the possible issue of pipes freezing, please keep an eye on this and keep your heating on throughout today to prevent this issue.

Please note it is not Walton & Allen’s or the management companies responsibility to grit communal areas.

Grounds Maintenance Update

Work on the path renovation continued. Ivy was removed from the wall supporting the metal handrail. Loose areas of the retaining wall below the handrail were rebuilt where possible and the old metal handrail was raised by supporting it with a brace. An area of overgrown foliage was pruned back to provide a clear passage down the path.


Please note that although works are on going on the footpath this is not yet open to the public.

Grounds Maintenance Update

Two trees were blown over in the storms, one of them lying across parking spaces. The other was supported by other trees but was tilted over towards BM5 and BM6 parking bays. Both of these trees were removed and the limbs stored on the riverbank adjacent to the old bridge. The site was swept clean of leaves and a statue that had been thrown in the brook adjacent to the bridge was recovered.

Repairs on the bridge path commenced with a repair to the drystone wall where loose stone was ready to tumble onto the path. Ivy was trimmed back, and fleece was removed where it had become a trip hazard.

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property Manager has visited site today and has carried out the Emergency Light Checks.

Contractor On Site

A contractor has visited Baileys Mill today in order to carry out repair to the steps.

Step Repair

A contractor has attended site today and replaced the slabs on the step into the block. Whilst on site they also repaired a loose kerbstone and replaced the broken gully top to the LHS of the block.