Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance – Abuse towards staff

Our staff should be able to come to work without fear of abuse, violence or harassment from clients.

We monitor phone calls and all digital communications to ensure all our staff are treated with respect at all times. Violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated in any form.

In order for staff at Walton & Allen to maintain good relations with clients, we ask everyone to read and take note of the following that we deem unacceptable:

  • Using bad language or swearing at staff
  • Any physical violence towards any member of staff
  • Verbal abuse towards the staff in any form including verbally insulting the staff
  • Racial abuse and sexual harassment will not be tolerated
  • Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to staff will not be accepted. Requests will be met wherever possible and explanations given when they cannot
  • Causing damage to buildings or personal belongings