Leaseholder From The Establishment Building

I just wanted to dispense some praise, where due, for the swift, efficient and focussed way in which we leaseholders escaped the clutches or our former Managing Agents and landed in the safe arms of Walton and Allen. Well done.


From the time the process started in January to now, you have kept us all in formed and your guidance in our dealings with the outgoing agents was spot on. The only delay we encountered was as a result of leaseholders being slow to vote. I am sure that if we knew that what we know now, people would not have dragged their feet.


So here we are 9 months on. Process complete and The Establishment is getting the TLC it so badly needed. Under the previous regime it took that long to get a key cut !! So thanks are due to all of you.


With experience like this, it is great to know that you are now going to be helping us with a similar operation in Northampton. I am confident that this latest project will be handled just as efficiently as The Establishment. I look forward to Walton and Allen doing the business again.