Wall damage Block 18-33

City & Country will be commencing works on Saturday morning (14.01.17) to Block 18-33 following an insurance claim.  It appears that a vehicle had hit the building. The works will include the majority of brick removal and reinstatement.

  • They will have a small generator on site on the Saturday but this will not be in use on Sunday as it would be too noisy for the residents and they do not want to cause any unnecessary disruption.
  • They will need to leave the Acro supports in place just for added strengthening of the wall overnight whilst the mortar sets. This will be enclosed using Heras style fencing to ensure no members of the public can tamper with it.
  • City & Country will return on Sunday 15th to remove the supports, point up the holes and remove the Heras fencing from site on Monday 16th January 2017. .

Please can we ask that you refrain from parking adjacent to this block whilst the works are carried out.