Urgent Maintenance Repairs

Following our comment on 20.01.17, Although Walton&Allen are still awaiting the full handover from the previous managing agents. The Directors of the Management agreed for Walton&Allen to address the urgent maintenance issues that could pose a security or health and safety issue. A member of the Walton&Allen Maintenance team has attended site today and carried out the following:

  • Block B – Re-secured a section of the top floor stairwell handrail that had loosened from the wall
  • Block A – Secured the front door stay that had become loose so that the door shuts and locks easier. Replaced the door closer to prevent the door slamming
  • External Lights – Investigate faults with all external lights. The lights above each entrance door were returning to working order as they required a new lamp however the two higher level lights located on the rear of the building require further investigation.