Crusader House Repair Works Updates

   Work to Phase 4 – Replacement of terraces from 38 to 48 Crusader House has commenced.  Can all residents please ensure that their terraces are clear of any items such as fencing, decking, rubbish, plant-pots, garden furniture etc., by this date, ready for the works to commence.  The contractor will charge if they need to clear anything of the terrace as this was not in the original scope of works and these costs will be passed to leaseholders and therefore potentially passed onto residents.

We apologise for any inconvenience during the works.


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6th October

Thurland Street elevation insulation, felt and membrane all laid.  Tiles and flashing and mastic work to follow on from this and these works will be complete by Tuesday next week.



3rd October

All tiles along Lincoln street elevation have been lain.  There is the mastic to complete but this will be done once the Thurland st elevation tiles are done.


Unfortunately the rain at the weekend meant the terrace is under water.  The insulation and membrane cannot be laid until it it dry.  This is anticipated to begin this Wednesday.


29th September

Tiles along the Lincoln street elevation being laid


5th September 2016

Work has almost completed on the run of terraces from C38 – C48.  Membrane is down and the last bits of insulation are to be laid.  Work on this Phase is anticipated to be completed by the end of September, making sure all the terraces are watertight, just in time for the cold winter months.

image2 image3 image4

5th August 2016

Work has commenced on the terraces at 47 & 48 Crusader House.   Once the surface started being stripped away, it was apparent that the wood underneath was rotten as before.  Further surface removal reveals a blocked rainwater outlet.  This may explain the rotten wood and leaks into the apartments and corridors below.

2  3  6



4th May 2016

Access scaffold and the hoist for the terrace works on C38 – C48 is due to begin today, ready to start terrace works on Monday 9th May.

Residents must clear their balconies and terraces by this date as the builder will be charging to remove any decking, fencing, chairs, rubbish etc., and this cost will be passed to landlords and potentially residents.




29th April 2016


The balconies and timber decking on 7b is almost completed.



22nd April 2016

The top two floors of Crusader House Phase 7b has now has the balcony panels replaced and railings painted.

Scaffolding is currently being removed and work will start on the lower balconies on the third floor.

 photo1a     photo1


5th April 2016

Scaffold has now been removed on Phase 7a and is currently being erected on Phase 7b.


29th March 2016

Completed balconies on Phase 7a


8th March 2016

Balconies on Phase 7a with half a coat of primer


Balconies fully painted



2nd March 2016

Scaffold on the final elevation has begun.   Rusted balconies and rotting timber boards will also be replaced here to make the properties safe for residents to use their balconies again.

Pit of doom - 0223                 Pit of doom - 0223 (2)


Below is a photo from late last year showing what a the difference the new balconies make.





25th February 2016

Phase 5 is now complete.  The balcony timbers and perforated panels have been replaced.

ph5 balc - 0225 (2)

Terraces on G5 – G8 have all been replaced with the same Rubbertek tile system as before.


ph5 terrace - 0229 (2)


16th February 2016

All the balconies on Phase 5 have now completed and scaffold will be down by the end of the day.

The roof works on George street have started.   This includes repairs to slate pitched roof, cleaning out gutters, removing and replacing lead sheet cladding and felt junctions where needed.


5th February 2016

Rubber tiles laid on top of the protan membrane.  G15 is now complete and the scaffold is starting to be removed from this area.

Once the scaffold is removed – this completes Phase 6.  Onto the next Phase.



4th February 2016

G15 – Protan roof membrane laid on top of the insulation showing gulley and outlet where the rain will flow to.



3rd February 2016

Insulation laid on to the terrace of G15



2nd February 2016

Phase 5 – scaffold has been erected on the South elevation of George Street and balcony works to G39 – G42 has begun.

IMG_1968            IMG_1969


Phase 6 – G15 terrace watertight



1st February 2016

G48 (4)

G48 terrace is now complete


26th January 2016

G48 roof terrace is water tight.

G48 (7)

25th January 2016

Scaffold has begun in anticipation of the balcony repairs starting in February on Phase 5.  Once the balconies have been repaired, the scaffold will drop and the terraces replaced on G5 – G8.

Scaffold going up for phase 5 (1)

18th January 2016

G43, G44, G45 – The old rotten timber boards have been lifted, removed and replaced with new.

cru geo (4) cru geo (7)


 11 January 2015

Works has now begun again on Crusader House and George street again.  We could not start last week due to the inclement weather.

17th December 2015

The terrace at G21 is looking good, anticipated to finish tomorrow, just in time for Christmas.

IMG_1899     IMG_1901

Before and after photo of G21

G21  G21 finished terace
9th December 2015

The design and sign off for the new rainwater outlet has been approved and signed off.

There are two outlets shown in the photo below, this was not deliberate!  The first hole was drilled and so far down, we hit a ring beam so a new hole had to be cut and the original hole has been capped off.  A new hopper will be constructed to guide the rainwater away from the terrace of G21 and around the fire exit door beneath.



Here is the rainwater outlet from above.  The gulley on this roof (that lays below the tiles) is twice as big as the other gullies on the terraces we have already completed.  This is designed deliberately like this because of the amount of water that collects down that end of the terrace from the roofs above.





20th November 2015

Felt has been laid to the terrace of G21,  this has made the roof water tight.

The pipe in the photos below is a temporary pipe on the end of the water outlet because the way the roof is currently, all the water collects at the opposite end to the water outlet.  Because this small pipe is serving 3 main roofs, it is imperative that all the water (that currently collects on this terrace) reaches the down pipe at the other end.  It has been proposed that a new outlet be created to ease the pressure on this one pipe.


IMG_1884 IMG_1883 IMG_1885

C67 terrace complete with new water outlet for the drain pipe.

IMG_1894 IMG_1889

16th November 2015

The terrace of G21 has been stripped back ready for the works to begin.

Scaffold has been erected ready for Phase 6.

IMG_1897 IMG_1898


12th November 2015

Phase 6 begins.  G21 terrace has been cleared of all items and is ready to have the terrace removed.  This one has already been investigated so the architect and contractors have a good idea of what’s beneath them.  While G21 is being worked on, the access scaffold for G43-G52 will start to go up.   Once G21 has completed, the contractors can move on to these as the scaffold is being erected for G32, G48 and G49.




 10th November 2015

Felt being laid down on C67.  Once the rubber tiles have been delivered and laid next week, removal of the scaffold to C67 will commence.  Then phase 3 is complete!

isulation and felt being laid (1)isulation and felt being laid (3)


5th November 2015

Bitumen has started to be laid onto the roof.  This will aid the roof in weather protection, essential at this time of year and the rain we have been experiencing lately.

3 - C67 terrace clear ready for bitumen (1) C67 ready for bituemn (1)


2nd November 2015

Terrace of C67 is now clear.



30th October 2015

Removal of scaffold from Crusader House.

removal of scaffold


29th October 2015

Removal of the terrace at C67 has begun.   As you can see it is much drier underneath these terraces than on C71 – C73.

IMG_1804 IMG_1794



26th October 2015

For the last two weeks, work has been prevented from continuing because of a road closure by the council.   We needed to add a hoist to the scaffold to get the materials up to C67 so that we could begin to remove and replace the terrace.  Now that the council have finished their road works, we can progress!

Below is a photo of the hoist that has been installed.   This will enable the materials such as the insulation, felt, tiles etc., to be carried up the scaffold safely.



19th October 2015

It has been a while since there were any updates to the Crusader and George Repair Works website in part because of a road closure due to road works by the council and we have been extremely busy with the opening of our new hi-tech main office at Lace Market Square!

SO!  A rundown of the last two weeks follows.

We are happy to say that Phases 1 and 2 are now complete!


Phases 1 before and after photos

IMG_1642   IMG_1746


Phase 2 before and after photos

IMG_1650 IMG_1747


Week commencing 13th October 2015

Phase 3 balcony works have been progressing well and are almost complete.

IMG_1749 IMG_1755 IMG_1756


Phase 3 scaffold has started to come down, but as previously mentioned, due to design and financial constraints, the terraces below which were phase 4 will not be next.  This phase will begin at the earliest in mid-December.  There will be updates to the website.



Week commencing 6th October 2015

The rainwater guttering arrived for the tiles.  This has been laid around the perimeter of the tiles, then the tiles overlaid to provide a hidden channel to allow the rainwater to run to the downpipes.

IMG_1745 IMG_1743 IMG_1741


28th September 2015

The tiles have started to be laid down on C71-C73.   The pegs / holes on the side of each tile means the tiles can be fitted together in a number of ways.  We have laid these in a “brick bond” pattern.  There is also subtle difference in the colours of the tiles, some are slightly darker than others.  This makes the floor look less uniform and closer to the effect that a regular paving slab.



DSCN0728  WP_20150929_008


25th September 2015

The rubbertech tiles have started to arrive on site.   They are roughly the same size as a normal paving slab but much lighter.    There are small pegs sticking out of the side and corresponding holes on the other side where they can slot together.



24th September 2015

The photo below demonstrates the build up of materials.  First there is the bitumen sealed waterproofing system.  On top of that goes the insulation which is “cut to falls”, meaning when it rains, the water will run off to the newly cut drainage holes.  A layer of felt is laid upon the insulation and then the Protan roof membrane is being laid on the insulation.




23rd September 2015

The insulation now complete on G16 & G17 and is being covered with a layer of felt.


The first 8 balconies have all been painted on Crusader House and are just awaiting their new perforated panels to be put in place.

The scaffolding from outside these apartments will be taken down as the painters move along to the next 8 balconies.  The scaffolders will then be putting the scaffolding up on the terraced areas of C38 & C39 along the next elevation.




22nd September 2015

A decision has been made on the type of tiles we’re using on the terraced roofs.  Initially a regular concrete tile was going to be used, the type used on pavements and patios, until it was found that the concrete roofs were not thick enough and the structural engineer said these would be too heavy.

The tiles that have been chose are by Rubber Tech roofing systems and are a Step tile system, made using bonded granulate SRR rubber.  The 30mm tiles are quick to install, slip resistant, quick drying, provide thermal insulation, have a long life and are fully recycled and recyclable!   The option that has been picked is the light grey colour.



Today the insulation for the G16 & G17 terrace started being laid ready to receive these tiles next week when they arrive.



 21st September 2015

Old outlets on this section of the roof have now been covered over, and just need a patch welding on which can be done once it stops raining!  The core drilling from underneath to provide some new rainwater outlets is going to begin tomorrow.   The materials – insulation, felt etc for the make-up of the new roof covering have been delivered to site and are stacked neatly, ready to start laying down the new roof.

Patched holes

Pigeon spikes have now been installed down the fire escape to Lincoln street car park as pigeons had started to nest.  The spikes will prevent the pigeons from nesting and making a mess in this very important part of the building.

Pigeon spike 1 Pigeon spike 2
 Phase 3 works

First four balconies on phase 3 have been painted and just need perforated panels fixing on C64 – C67.   The next four balconies above have begun, C79-C82 a level up.

Scaffolding still being extended towards corner, once the balconies on C64-C67 & C79-C82 have completed the scaffolding can be moved from these.


16th September 2015

Today the architect and roofer opened up the terraces on Lincoln street today, to see what the make-up of the roof below is.   The photograph below shows the tile that was removed.  Like the other roofs opened up so far, it is very wet underneath and so will need to be made watertight too.  The roofer and architect will be coming up with design solutions for this and ordering materials, so that when the scaffold in this area is dropped, they are ready to remove and replace the defective roofing materials.


The balconies on Lincoln street have started getting their second coat of paint and tomorrow the new powder coated aluminium panels will be put back into place.

DSCN0704 DSCN0703


The scaffold outside of C53-55 has been removed.   The scaffold outside C32 is staying where it is because there is still access needed to the terraces on C71-73.  There has been a mechanical hoist installed, to enable the lifting of the tiles for the terraces.

On the second photo you can see contrast between the repaired and painted balconies on the left and the rusted ones ones on the right

  DSCN0711 DSCN0712


11th September 2015

Access scaffold and the crash deck on Lincoln street side ready for balcony works to begin next week.



10th September 2015

The insulation and drainage channels being installed on the rooftop of C71-73.

The architect is currently sourcing alternatives to the terrace, because the structural engineer calculated the proposed concrete tiles would weigh too much for the concrete underneath.



8th September 2015

G16 & G17 railings and access steps have been getting repainted today.  A further coat will be applied after this coat has been allowed to dry for 24 hours.

The roofers have been hoisting materials for the C71-C73 roof terraces and stocking them neatly in the laydown areas.



4th September 2015

Insulation and roofing materials are starting to arrive on site, ready to finish off the terraces at C71, 72 & 73.

Access scaffold is being erected on Lincoln street ready for the crash decks to be installed on C38-C48


2nd September 2015

The terrace of G16 & G17 is now watertight.

G1, 16, 17 - roof (2)

C53 – C55 balconies are complete and the scaffolding around these apartments and the ones below will be removed by Monday 7th September 2015

C53 - 55 balconies (2)


 1st September 2015

The stripping away of the terrace outside of G16 & G17 had begun.



27th August 2015

The terraces of C71-C73 are now water tight with the a temporary system using a bitumen based primer to seals.


26th August 2015

All the terraces have been taken up.  The roofers are working late tonight to place a temporary felt covering to prevent further water ingress to the apartments below.

C71, 72, 73 - roof (1)



25th August 2015

Scaffolding has been removed from G34 & G37, the residents can now safely use their balconies.



C53-C55 balconies will have finished their second coat of paint this afternoon.



The terrace of C71 has been completely stripped back, including all lead flashings around the edge.

The roofers have made a good start to ripping out the roof of C72.

This roof has been replaced at some point in the past, but because the concrete beneath is completely level (there should be a fall away from the building to help the water drain off) rainwater has collected underneath, caused the timbers to get rotten and water ingress into the flats below and to the side.


The terrace strip-down of all three apartments should be complete tomorrow.


 24th August 2015

The work has started on C53-C55 balconies and progressing well, the timbers and rusted perforated metal panels have been removed and the first coat of paint applied already.


The roofers have also started on site and are taking up the damaged terrace areas to C71-73. The softwood ladder frame which is partially supporting the windows has started to rot in places as you can see in the photo below, this has allowed the ingress of moisture into the apartments. This has been causing mould among other issues and needs rectifying. A solution is being proposed by our architect.


Next to come up was the actual terrace area. The rubber tiles are proving very difficult for the roofer to cut through and when they finally manage to cut a section away, the wooden bearers, frame and insulation was absolutely sodden with water. This demonstrates why apartments below have been getting leaks coming through their ceilings.




21st August 2015

Scaffold is now up around C33-C34 and C53-C55, ready for balcony works.  Above this at C71-C73 the crash deck has been removed from C86-C88 ready for the removal and replacement of the terraces.




20th August 2015

Below are some photos of the completed balconies.  The crash deck is currently being taken down from C86-C88 and scaffold erected to C54-C55.

The balconies of G34 and G47 have also been completed with the scaffold to be dismantled tomorrow.


Completed decking and perforated panels.  Now the residents can safely enjoy the views that Nottingham has to offer.


New joists and timber decking looking up from below.



19th August 2015

Balconies of Crusader House C86-C88 will be completed by today.  Tomorrow and Friday the crash deck will be removed from these apartments and scaffolding erected to C53, C54 and C55 ready for balcony repairs.   Work to the terraces on C71, C72 and C73 is due to begin Monday 24th.

New treated timber is being laid to the joists on the decking