Here at Walton&Allen we believe that an estate agent should work for both landlords and tenants. By maintaining this relationship we’ve been able to ensure that around 98% of our rental properties are occupied by good, reliable tenants.


Looking to rent a home? We can help you find your perfect home, whether that’s a one bedroom studio apartment or a large family home. And because we don’t believe in charging tenants any more than we need to we offer absolutely no setup fees for tenants.

Renting out your house? We know that the most frustrating thing for a landlord is to not receive regular rent for your properties. Here at Walton&Allen, through careful tenant selection, we’re able to ensure that we collect around 98.8% of due rent each month and always have 98% of our property portfolio occupied. We are the top estate agents in Nottingham in this regard, and it’s not hard to see why!