Housing in Nottingham: A guide to Nottingham city


City of Caves, Literature and Football. We have an award winning bus network, tram system and a whole host of tourist attractions, historic pubs and popular restaurants. What else puts Nottingham on the map? Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest of course!

Property Prices

Property prices are increasing year on year and are up 4% on 2015 and a whopping 11% on 2014, making a great return on investment. (Rightmove) 65% of Nottingham properties are in Council Tax Band A (Valuation Office Agency, July 2016) compared to 25% of properties nationally.


Over 2016, unemployment has fallen faster than the national average, meaning more people are in work and keeping up with rent payments.

In 2015 Nottingham was ranked in the top 10 cities for job growth throughout the UK.

Nottingham is home to multiple large national businesses including Boots, who employ over 8,000 people.


There are 37,000 students who occupy Nottingham which makes up for 1 in 8 of the population. The demand for student housing will not decrease any time soon and often rents are paid upfront with 9 month or longer minimum tenancies.


As well as having two leading universities, Nottingham is host to a number of excellent schools and colleges. These bring a wealth of families into the suburbs who require long term residencies in areas with high rental incomes.


Nottingham has an award winning bus network and tram system which runs two both universities and to other towns in the Nottinghamshire area. It is also situated close to the M1 motorway, where it takes just under two hours to reach either London in the south or Leeds in the north.

Landlords & Investors

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