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How to change letting agent to one that cares about you as a Landlord

Are you looking to change letting agent in Nottingham? Do you feel you are getting full value for money?

The UK Government is banning lettings fees in early 2019. This means Letting Agents will have to find another way to make an income and it is expected that this loss will be passed on to their Landlord clients.

Walton & Allen are committed to absorbing all costs when the lettings fee ban comes into effect. In fact, we are one of the very few agents across the UK to ensure extra fees are not passed onto our Landlords, whether existing or new clients.

Is your current letting agent absorbing all extra costs for you as well?

Do you feel you are being overcharged by your current letting agent?

Thinking about switching letting agent in Nottingham? Why not call 0115 924 3304 today to find out how?

When switching to Walton & Allen Letting Agents we offer

– A full rental review to ensure you are getting the maximum monthly rental value on your investment
– A very competitive fee structure
– Full Nottingham Selective Licensing compliance and monitoring service included
– 100% rental income achieved if your tenants sign up and comply with our Experian Credit Score partnership

Find out what else we do for our Landlord clients as a letting agent in Nottingham.

Pay your letting agent what you think is fair

How much do you think is fair to pay a letting agent for their services when managing your property? Tell us below and we’ll see if we can match the deal.

How easy is it to switch letting agents?

Most Landlords are afraid to switch letting agents, mainly because they feel it is too much hassle. By instructing Walton & Allen to act as your new letting agent we do everything for you. Just provide us with details of your current agent and we’ll sort the rest.

We charge no additional fees like some agents, excluding management and initial set up costs which are fully disclosed when you enquire.

So how does it work?

  1. You need to provide notice to your current letting agent, usually in writing. They will tell you their notice period and start the process for you.
  2. Once the notice period has expired you can collect keys, an inventory and anything else they hold on file. If your tenants are staying then they will also need to provide details on the tenants, including names and contact details.
  3. You will sign a new contract with us and the original tenant deposit will need to be transferred.
  4. We will contact your tenants and inform them of who they will be paying the rent to going forward.
  5. We will now manage your property!

What should you do next?

Call 0115 924 3304 today to talk to us about switching letting agent. You can also fill in the form below to find out more.

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