Bollards outside Block 4

HDB Building Services has been instructed to repair the crumbling cement around 3 of the bollards outside Block 4 entrance door.

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property Manager attended site today and carried out a walk around inspection of the communal areas including a walk around with the Concierge. Also in attendance was Walton & Allen’s Trainee Property Manager so that they could familiarise themselves with the building.

 The Hicking Building

Mansafe repair

PTSG are on site today to carry out a repair to the mansafe system installed.

Block 1 Lift Furthest From Gate

Following our comments below this lift is still out of order, we have received a quote from the lift engineers but due to this being a large repair we have gone out for a second opinion to ensure that the best value for money option is received.

TV Signal

Cable Guys are attending today to service the TV signal in block 4.

Faulty Sensors

MWE have attended today to exchange the faulty sensors in the lower car park. They have also signed the fire log.


Express lifts have attended today to repair lift 6 in block 3.

Lift Service Visits

Express lifts have attended site and carried out a routine service visit to both Block 2 lifts and Block 4.

Courtyard Keypads

The keypads for the courtyard gates have unfortunately been faulty and have now been replaced under warranty.