Site visit

Walton & Allen’s Property Manager has attended site today to carry out a walk around inspection of the site. They also showed Walton & Allen’s Junior Property Manager around the building


Our lift engineers and tech specialists will be onsite today and tomorrow morning to fix the lift.

Water Leak

The leak between flat 36 and 26 is being attended to on Monday 26th by EMS.


It has been reported to us that the intercom panel has not been working, and it has has been assessed by our contractor and deemed obsolete. This will be replaced shortly once we receive the costs.


Our contractors have attended site and the lift has been reset. The lift is now back up and running.

Lift Repair

Our contractors will be attending site today to fix the non responsive lift.

Snow Clearance

Walton & Allen’s Roaming Caretaker has attended site as part of their scheduled visit and cleared away snow from walk ways.

Weather Conditions – PLEASE READ

Due to the snowy and icy weather conditions, please only travel if necessary. Please be extra careful and vigilant when traveling around the block/site. Due to the possible issue of pipes freezing, please keep an eye on this and keep your heating on throughout today to prevent this issue.

Please note it is not Walton & Allen’s or the management companies responsibility to grit communal areas.

Lift Repair

After two engineers have visited The Establishment today, we can confirm the lift is now back in working order.

Fire Test

The weekly fire test has been completed today.