Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Maintenance & Contracts Director and Walton & Allen’s Property Manager attended site today and carried out a walk around inspection of the communal areas.

Lift inspection

INL have attended site today to complete a routine inspection for the Engineering insurance

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property & Estate Director has attended site and completed a walk around inspection of the communal areas.

Vehicle gate

We are of the current issue with the gate and are looking to claim on the warranty. We shall update this page with updates when available.

State House Lift – Out of order

Walton & Allen have chased the lift contractors this morning for a date when the part required will be fitted. We are still waiting for a date.

State House lift – Working.

An Engineer has attended site today and completed a temporary repair on the lift. A new relay is required and a quote for this part has been instructed. Please be aware that the repair is not a permanent solution.

State House Lift – Out of order.

Following our comments below, the repair carried out on Monday has not lasted and the Engineers are back on site this morning carrying out further investigation works.

Lift – Approx 9am

The concierge has reported to us that the State House lift is non responsive. We have reported this to Express Lifts and they will be attending shortly.