Vehicle gate

We are of the current issue with the gate and are looking to claim on the warranty. We shall update this page with updates when available.

State House Lift – Out of order

Walton & Allen have chased the lift contractors this morning for a date when the part required will be fitted. We are still waiting for a date.

Vehicle Gate

The following notice has been hand delivered to Residents today. A letter has also been sent to Leaseholders to inform:


On the morning of Thursday 19th April 2018, an operative from Walton & Allen Maintenance will be on-site painting “STOP” Markings on the driveway of the internal side of the vehicle gate. You may recall we intended to carry this out the 19th January 2018 but unfortunately could not carry this out on the day due to weather conditions.

As you are already aware; when entering the site the vehicle gate opens via your fob however when exiting, the vehicle gate operates on an induction loop where the gate will open as you drive up to it. Unfortunately, if you drive too close to the gate when trying to exit, it will trigger the other sensors which make the gate believe there is something obstructing it therefore will not open and remain closed.

Therefore, following advice from a gate engineer who has witnessed this issue occurring, “STOP” markings will be painted to the inside driveway of the vehicle gate on the morning of Thursday 19th April 2018 to assist Residents.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE – In order to carry out this job and for the paint to successfully dry with no interference Residents will not be able to enter or exit the car park between the hours of 9:00am to 1:00pm on Thursday 19th April 2018 whilst this job is completed.

Therefore, if you need to go out in your vehicle that day, please ensure you exit the car park before 9:00am and if you are returning, you cannot enter the car park until after 1:00pm. Please utilise the on-street parking around the site between these hours if required. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

We apologise in advance if you feel this is short notice, but as this job relies on dry weather we have had to wait for a forecast day of dry weather. As this job is reliant on weather, we apologise in advance if this job cannot be carried out on this morning and needs to be rescheduled last minute due to weather. Again, we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Once the “STOP” markings have been completed, you simply need to drive up to the “STOP” line to exit the car park. Please do not drive beyond these markings. The process of entering the vehicle gate remains the same, fob entry.

State House lift – Working.

An Engineer has attended site today and completed a temporary repair on the lift. A new relay is required and a quote for this part has been instructed. Please be aware that the repair is not a permanent solution.

State House Lift – Out of order.

Following our comments below, the repair carried out on Monday has not lasted and the Engineers are back on site this morning carrying out further investigation works.

Lift – Approx 9am

The concierge has reported to us that the State House lift is non responsive. We have reported this to Express Lifts and they will be attending shortly.

Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director visited site today, and spoke with Leicestershire fire and rescue following a Fire Inspection. They are pleased with the way in which Walton & Allen are managing the fire safety at The Atrium.