Caretaker Cover

Please be aware that David is on annual leave until Friday 13th July, basic cover is being provided by a member of the Walton & Allen Maintenance Team.

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Maintenance & Contracts Director and Walton & Allen’s Property Manager attended site today and carried out a walk around inspection of the communal areas.

Lift inspection

INL have attended site today to complete a routine inspection for the Engineering insurance

Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property & Estate Director has attended site and completed a walk around inspection of the communal areas, whilst on site they also spoke with the Foreman for one of the developments neighbouring Metropolitan Apartments following the complaints received from residents, the meeting had a positive outcome and hopefully we shall see some issues resolved.

Lift Service

Kone have attended site and completed a routine service visit on the lift.

Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director attended site today and met with developers.


KC Automation attended site today to investigate the gate. Due to the vandalism, parts are now on order and the repair will take place by Friday 6th April 2018.

CCTV will be monitored and reported to the police on all evidence found.


Due to vandalism reports, the Property Manager has instructed Security Patrols to prevent this occurring.

Vehicle Gate

The vehicle gate has been reported to be repaired, and is being attended today by KC Automation.

Mansafe Systems

Our contractors have been instructed on the Mansafe systems legislation checks at Metropolitan, and work will commence from 19th March 2018.