Site Visit

Walton & Allen’s Property & Estate Director and Walton & Allens Property Manager attended site today and carried out a walk around inspection of the communal areas.

Block 7 & 32 Intercom

A quote has been received and instructed by the Directors of the Management Company for a new intercom to be fitted at the above mentioned block.

Pest Control

PPMS have attended site and completed a routine Pest Control visit.

Site Visit

The Property and Estate Director has attended site today to check on the step works and bin issues. The bin areas were tied and decontaminated in the central area.

Weather Conditions – PLEASE READ

Due to the snowy and icy weather conditions, please only travel if necessary. Please be extra careful and vigilant when traveling around the block/site. Due to the possible issue of pipes freezing, please keep an eye on this and keep your heating on throughout today to prevent this issue.

Please note it is not Walton & Allen’s or the management companies responsibility to grit communal areas.

Site Visit

The Property Manager has attended site today.

Maintenance Check

A maintenance check was carried out today, and all lights and smoke detectors were working as normal.

The switched fused spur and back box controlling the panel heater was also replaced.

Maintenance Check

A maintenance check was completed today, where an emergency light test was carried out. One bulb was found to be faulty, and this was replaced on the same day.

Bin Areas

Walton & Allen’s Roaming caretaker has attended site to clean and tidy the bin areas, due to cross contamination of the waste the bins had not been emptied by the local council. Please ensure that any recycling is placed in the relevant compartment of the bins and all other general waste is placed in the large bins.