Touch up painting – Block A

Tom the caretaker has completed some touch up painting around the first block. More paint has been ordered for other areas of the building to be completed.


Security Improvements

A notice has been delivered to all tenants advising them that a new intercom system will be fitted on site and is expected to be completed w/c 30.04.18. The courtyard doors will also be replaced to further improve security to the building. All works are due to start on Monday 23rd April 2018.

Pipe Leak

The sewage pipe leak in the car park has been reported to the contractors. They will be on site tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) to fix this.

Upcoming Work

Please find a list of upcoming work expected at Beauchamp House:

– A survey of the courtyard doors is to begin this week. Once this is completed, the details will be sent to the manufacturers to make the doors. This will take approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

– On the 16th April, contractors will be on site for the installation of all courtyard doors, and this should take up to a week to complete.

– We expect a new fob installation will be put in place around the end of April.

– We expect that the main entrance door, vehicle gate and both pedestrian gates will be completed by 29th March 2018.


Site Visit – Meeting

Property Manager and Maintenance Director held a meeting with a leaseholder to discuss current issues on-site and confirmation of door replacements and new intercom fob system commencing March 2018 and to be completed late April 2018.

Site Visit

Our Property Manager & Maintenance Director carried out a site visit today at Beauchamp House.

Weather Conditions – PLEASE READ

Due to the snowy and icy weather conditions, please only travel if necessary. Please be extra careful and vigilant when traveling around the block/site. Due to the possible issue of pipes freezing, please keep an eye on this and keep your heating on throughout today to prevent this issue.

Please note it is not Walton & Allen’s or the management companies responsibility to grit communal areas.

Fire Safety Checks

Our fire safety contractors, MWE, attended site today to carry out their 6 monthly checks for the Emergency Lighting, Smoke Vents and Fire Alarm.