Walton & Allen Construction and Maintenance team use recycled rubber tyres to create sustainable flooring!

Walton & Allen Construction and Maintenance team use recycled rubber tyres to create sustainable flooring!

As well as being a leading estate and letting agents in Nottingham, Walton & Allen Estate Agents also have a very successful Construction and Maintenance business, offering a range of Construction and Maintenance services. We manage new and existing developments across Arnold, Nottingham City, the East Midlands and beyond, to our usual high standards!

In 2011, Walton & Allen Estate Agents were appointed to provide Construction and Maintenance services for Crusader House and George Street Apartment BLock, both in Nottingham. We quickly discovered that urgent repairs were needed to many of the balcony and terrace areas. The deterioration had caused water to get into the building, and there were health and safety issues around the stability and integrity of these areas.

Our Nottingham Construction and Maintenance team started work in August 2015 to renovate and refurbish the damaged areas. Working closely with our architect, we used an innovative method of resurfacing these balconies and terraces using recycled rubber tyres from transport vehicles.


Just one of the terrace areas that was in desperate need of repair

As the demand for greener building designs, construction materials and building management services continues to grow in Nottingham developers and Construction and Maintenance teams are turning to many different solutions. Through our Construction and Maintenance services, we aim to reduce energy and water usage, improve insulation and avoid chemicals to reduce a building’s impact on the environment. The use of recycled tyre flooring is a less well-known aspect of green design, but can make a big difference to a building’s sustainability.


The existing surface has been completely stripped, and the new felt and insulation are being applied

There are millions of discarded tyres worldwide and they are a massive problem. They’re often just left on the roadside and if they’re put into landfill, they can take decades to break down, taking up valuable landfill space.

Thankfully, our Construction and Maintenance team knows of companies that collect discarded tyres and turn them into recycled tyre flooring. Rubber is a natural material which is derived from the sap of rubber trees, then processed into the super-durable material we all know. Since it’s not made from chemicals and lasts a very long time, it is the ideal green building material. When it’s made from recycled tyres, the carbon footprint, environmental cost and price tag are even lower!

Of course, the main reason people love rubber flooring is because of its amazing properties: it’s lightweight – very important when used on multi-storey buildings with balconies, it lasts for years without scuffs and scratches, it needs no maintenance, and it naturally resists stains, water, dirt and mildew. Rubber flooring is the ultimate, no-fuss, eco-friendly floor material!


The terrace area is finished complete with the new rubber tiles