What do tenants think of landlords?

What do tenants think of their landlords? You might get the impression that some landlords provide shabby accommodation, a poor maintenance service and try to fleece tenants at every opportunity. Well, it seems that 77% of renters rate their current landlords as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

However, research carried out by Saga Home Insurance shows that there are some complaints:

  • 32% of tenants say that their agent or landlord is hard to get hold of
  • 21% say low quality tradespeople are used to maintain the property
  • 17% say the landlord refuses to fix broken items
  • 14% say the landlord made a promise which was not kept
  • 12% accuse their landlord of being nosey

And what do landlords think of tenants? The research also looked in the other direction and found few surprises in this list:

  • 37% say that their tenant pays rent late
  • 32% had problems with damaged fixtures or fittings
  • 29% suffered damage to the property itself
  • 27% encountered tenants who did not pay the rent at all
  • 22% suffered tenants who made excuses to try to get out of paying rent

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