Reporting Building Issues – Block Management

How do you go about reporting building issues?

My Name is Kerrie McKie and I have worked at Walton & Allen for nearly 5 years. I started as an Administrative Assistant for the Block Management Department with little experience in the Property Sector. Throughout my time here I have continuously progressed with support from my Managers, Directors and Colleagues throughout. I am now a Trainee Property Manager and also a member of The Institute of Residential Property Management Limited. I have passed two exams so far with the most recent being the IRPM Associate Exam. I am not going to say this journey has been easy, and like every company, you have your good days and bad days but the Block Management Department is a well-managed team consisting of great people who support each other throughout. I can’t say my job is every boring, that’s for sure!

Reporting Building Repairs or Issues

Our main role is to resolve communal building issues and repairs; Working along-side our clients for each Building, the Budget we have prepared each year and the cash flow for the building. Although a member of the Block Management Team will visit each site once a month to carry out a walk around inspection to look for any issues or repairs required or check on recent instructed works, we do rely on residents in the meantime to report any required repairs on-site. E.g. Lights out of order in the communal areas, security issues like the main door not locking, gates or roller shutters out of order etc.

You would be surprised that the majority of the time, Residents do not report these issues to ourselves. It isn’t the first time I have heard “oh, I assumed someone else had already reported it” or “when is it going to get fixed?” and we are not aware of the issue. Residents should never assume that someone else living within their apartment block has reported an issue, it is always best to report the issue to Walton & Allen as the sooner you report an issue to ourselves the sooner we can resolve the issue. Don’t wait for a member of the team to visit site and find communal lights out etc, report them and we can get these issues resolved. Help us, help you.

Reporting Issues to Walton & Allen is easy, just phone the Block Management office (0115 924 1813) or send an email to However, we understand that the majority of the time Residents may notice an issue when they are on their way out to work etc. We understand that you may be in a rush or think ‘I will report that when I get to work’ and then forget. Therefore Walton & Allen have made it even easier for Residents to report issues to ourselves via our App. It is free to download from your app store by simply visiting on any smartphone.

Residents can also check if we are already aware of a repair or if a repair is underway by looking on our website. We have an online bulletin board for each of the buildings we manage where we provide updates on repairs, contractors attending site and what’s generally going on. You can access this by visiting our Buildings pages. You can also view this page via our App on the “My Block” tab. Understandably we do not advertise on the notice boards when doors or gates are out of order for Security reasons but if you ever want an update on an item just simply phone or email us.