Nottingham Selective Licensing 2019 Update

The Licensing scheme has now been in place for eight months. Here we provide a Nottingham Selective Licensing update.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update

In 2018 Walton & Allen submitted over 250 applications to Nottingham City Council on behalf of our Landlord clients. All applications were sent on time, well before the deadline.

To date, the Council have not issued any licences to our Landlords, although it appears all applications have been accepted.

We will of course update all of our Landlord clients when their licences are issued.

Ensuring properties remain compliant

By now, all our Landlord clients should be well aware of all Selective Licensing conditions. Those properties which do not remain compliant could be subject to a fine of up to £30,000. This is payable by the Landlord. If you are unaware of these conditions, please read our Selective Licensing article.

We are helping you to avoid fines

If you are a fully managed Landlord client at Walton & Allen, you may have noticed that we have begun thorough Licensing inspections.

These are included as part of our fully managed service where Walton & Allen is the licence holder. The reports will ensure that your properties are kept to a high standard which should help to pass any City Council inspections.

As far as we know, we are the only Letting Agents in Nottingham to be doing this for our Landlord clients. This is just a part of our commitment to providing an outstanding level of service.

A sample of the inspection reports are shown below.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update 2019

Nottingham Selective Licensing Landlord Training

Another condition of the Licence is training. Landlords are required to submit evidence to the Council that they are receiving relevant training at least once every three years.

We have now had confirmation that no Landlord training is applicable if we are holding the licence on your behalf.

If you are not already a fully managed client with Walton & Allen and wish to have all licensing responsibility taken on by someone else, talk to us today on 0115 924 3304.

Do you have a property which is not licensed?

If your rental property is within the Nottingham City Council boundaries you will almost certainly need a licence to continue letting to tenants. It is now a legal requirement.

To avoid potential £30,000 fines, talk to us today about submitting an application to Nottingham City Council as soon as possible.

You can contact me, Brady, the Selective Licensing Coordinator on 0115 924 3304 or email Alternatively, use the form below to ask any questions.

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