Mr Green’s 3 Week Reflection – Exciting Times Ahead!

Did you know there are generally 3 types of people? Well there is, and they are blue, red and green. Of course, they aren’t that colour, but the colour represents their personality. Blue tend to be friendly and easy going, but there is a temper beneath. Red may come across as not particularly friendly, feisty even, but really they are nice people when you get to know them. So what about green? They don’t suffer fools gladly, won’t make an important decision immediately because they want to get it right, and are analytical.

Apparently, I’m green. I wanted to be Mr Blue! Not going to lie, I was disappointed at first because being Mr Green didn’t sound exciting, in fact it sounded like quite the opposite. Great I thought, but then I was told being green can be a good thing if you’re a manager. Only time will tell if that proves to be the case.

Today I reflected on the 3 weeks since we officially opened the Hucknall Branch, proud of what we have accomplished so far, although this is only the beginning and there is plenty still to be done. Aided with great support, the initial foundations have been laid, to give this branch every chance of being a big success. Systems have been created and advanced training sessions have been delivered – and it shows.

I’m pleased to recognise the huge progress both Rachael and Jorge have made, as they now have the ability and knowledge to excel in their respected roles whilst catering to our client’s needs. However, what I find really pleasing is how passionate and enthusiastic they are about helping our vendors sell their properties for the best possible price. They are a credit to the company, as is our latest recruit, Curtis Deller, who has bags of enthusiasm and I have no doubt he will thrive in his role as a Personal Property Finder.

Today we are 2nd out of 43 Agents in the area for new Instructions, so naturally I’m delighted to see that all our hard work is already paying off. A special mention has to go to Nick Aston and Joe Newton, because they have been instrumental in winning the instructions and long may it continue.

As for Hucknall, I have to say, I like it. The locals are friendly and it’s evident that there is a good community spirit and we’ve been made to feel very welcome. They also appear to like our Touchscreen technology in our window for searching for their ideal property – We’re so pleased it’s really popular. As for me personally, the last three weeks have flown by. I shouldn’t be surprised, as I have actually really enjoyed it. Walton and Allen are the first company I have worked for where I actually look forward to coming to work! I feel lucky and appreciate the opportunity given to me by Director Phil Williams to manage this fabulous branch, and I’m really excited about building on what we have started to making this branch a resounding success – and If that means being Mr Green, then so be it.