Nottingham Selective Licensing 2019 Update

The Licensing scheme has now been in place for eight months. Here we provide a Nottingham Selective Licensing update.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update

In 2018 Walton & Allen submitted over 250 applications to Nottingham City Council on behalf of our Landlord clients. All applications were sent on time, well before the deadline.

To date, the Council have not issued any licences to our Landlords, although it appears all applications have been accepted.

We will of course update all of our Landlord clients when their licences are issued.

Ensuring properties remain compliant

By now, all our Landlord clients should be well aware of all Selective Licensing conditions. Those properties which do not remain compliant could be subject to a fine of up to £30,000. This is payable by the Landlord. If you are unaware of these conditions, please read our Selective Licensing article.

We are helping you to avoid fines

If you are a fully managed Landlord client at Walton & Allen, you may have noticed that we have begun thorough Licensing inspections.

These are included as part of our fully managed service where Walton & Allen is the licence holder. The reports will ensure that your properties are kept to a high standard which should help to pass any City Council inspections.

As far as we know, we are the only Letting Agents in Nottingham to be doing this for our Landlord clients. This is just a part of our commitment to providing an outstanding level of service.

A sample of the inspection reports are shown below.

Nottingham Selective Licensing Update 2019

Nottingham Selective Licensing Landlord Training

Another condition of the Licence is training. Landlords are required to submit evidence to the Council that they are receiving relevant training at least once every three years.

We have now had confirmation that no Landlord training is applicable if we are holding the licence on your behalf.

If you are not already a fully managed client with Walton & Allen and wish to have all licensing responsibility taken on by someone else, talk to us today on 0115 924 3304.

Do you have a property which is not licensed?

If your rental property is within the Nottingham City Council boundaries you will almost certainly need a licence to continue letting to tenants. It is now a legal requirement.

To avoid potential £30,000 fines, talk to us today about submitting an application to Nottingham City Council as soon as possible.

You can contact me, Brady, the Selective Licensing Coordinator on 0115 924 3304 or email Alternatively, use the form below to ask any questions.

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    Nottingham Lettings

    Are you looking for an agency that provides Nottingham Lettings? Then we can help!

    Nottingham Lettings advice

    Walton & Allen Letting Agents Nottingham provide property for sale, to rent, mortgage advice and more. Established in 2000, we are the local, family run Nottingham Lettings agency.

    How we help Landlords

    The Nottingham Lettings market is currently providing great returns on almost any property investment.

    Our expert sales team know what Landlords want – To get rent on time and in full every month and to ensure that their property will remain in great condition throughout a tenancy.

    If we can push rental values up in the area then we’ll also try our best to do that as well!

    Our partnership with Experian and how it helps you

    If your tenant signs up to our partnership with Experian, their credit score will change if they pay their rent on time and in full. As a result, if they don’t pay on time then they may struggle to get a mortgage in the future or apply for credit cards and other finance.

    Helping Landlords at all times

    When new legislation comes into force, such as Selective Licensing, we act immediately to ensure our Landlords remain compliant. You will be kept informed at all times and we’ll work to ensure you don’t receive any necessary fines.

    We have no hidden fees or excessive charges

    We understand that you want to make a profit from your buy to let investment. For this reason we are committed to ensuring we do not charge excessive fees to our Landlords.

    Some letting agents may raise their fees when the tenant fee ban comes into place later in 2019. We will not use our Landlord clients to recover all of these costs.

    We have been nominated as the number 1 letting agent

    We received this nomination from The Negotiator awards, a leading industry award body. This was for the work we do which helps our Landlords.

    We are also rated as the number 1 agent for lets agreed in Nottingham city centre, meaning we quickly find tenants for all properties we list.

    Nottingham lettings outperform every other UK city

    Did you know that Nottingham has been rated as the best city for buy to let investment throughout the whole of the UK? This is why Landlords are choosing to buy property in Nottingham and receive a fully managed service through Walton & Allen.

    To find out more you can read our blog post on why Nottingham is the best buy to let city.

    Purchasing a buy to let property

    Are you a first time investor or are you an experienced Landlord looking to buy more property to let? View our property to sale or talk to us on 0115 924 3304.

    We’ll be able to recommend property based on expected gross yields, rental income calculations and more.

    Nottingham Lettings Valuations

    If you are considering letting your property then book your free, no obligation valuation with Walton & Allen Letting Agents today. My name is Ricky and I’m your local Investments Manager. You can call me on 0115 924 3304 to ask questions or use the form below.

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      Landlord Insurance: A five minute guide

      A 5-minute guide to insurance for landlords

      Insurance is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks that, as a landlord, you may have to do. It is also one of the most important. In the event of an accident, it is insurance that can help you out.

      Landlord insurance types

      There are different types of insurance available for landlords with different needs. Three most common types are:

      • Landlord insurance
      • Landlord energy cover
      • Rent guarantee insurance

      Landlord insurance explained

      Landlord insurance is technically made up of 3 different types of insurance. This provides you with flexibility as to what level of cover is right for you. This is especially important with a buy to let mortgage as there is a minimum level insurance needed for the duration of the mortgage.

      Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have landlord insurance, it is wise to have it. Especially considering that the average landlord insurance price in the UK is around £230, meaning it shouldn’t break the bank, but not having it could.

      Buildings insurance explained

      Buildings insurance covers the structure of the building itself in the event of a catastrophic event where it is completely destroyed.

      Something important to note is that the insurance will only pay out the cost to rebuild the property and not the market value of the house.

      A way of understanding what is covered in this type of insurance is if it is fixed and cannot be picked up. An example would be cabinets which cannot be picked and are fixed.

      Buildings insurance is required by most lenders as a minimum for buy to let mortgages.

      Contents insurance explained

      If building insurance covers the permanent fixtures of the house then contents insurance covers the impermanent. Examples include electronics and furniture.

      Though it should be made clear to tenants that contents insurance will only insure the landlord’s property, not the tenant’s property. In the event of a break-in, the tenant and landlord will have to make a separate claim through their own insurance provider.

      Need more information on landlord insurance?

      If you need more information on landlord insurance, talk to the team at our letting agents in Nottingham. You can call us on 0115 924 3304 or email

      Letting a property to tenants

      Letting a property to tenants: Your essential guide

      So you’re considering letting your property to tenants. As letting agents in Nottingham, Walton & Allen have decades of experience in the rental market.

      Whether you’ve bought a new property as a buy to let investment, or you’re thinking of letting your residential home, this guide will help you get started.

      Getting started with letting a property

      You will need to make a few changes before you consider letting a property.

      Talk to your mortgage company

      If your property is mortgaged and you have previously been living there, it is likely you will have to change over to a buy to let mortgage. Be honest with your mortgage lender as there could be serious consequences.

      Look at your insurance policies

      You’ll need to talk to your building insurance provider and tell them you are letting the property. You’ll also want to look at getting landlord insurance. This could cover you for damage to your property, tenants not paying rent or public liability if your tenant injures themselves and blames you.

      Check your EPC rating

      An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a legal requirement when letting a property. As of April 2018, all EPCs legally have to be above an E rating. Anything below an E and you cannot let your property to tenants.

      Check to see if you need a licence to let your property

      Nottingham City Council have introduced a Selective Licensing scheme to most properties within their boundaries. This means you will need to apply for a licence before you can legally let your property. There are many requirements which need to be adhered to which will ensure you remain compliant. Read more about Selective Licensing.

      Your property needs to be gas safe

      Your property will need a Gas Safety certificate before tenants move in. This is another legal requirement to keep your tenants safe. Some blocks of flats do not have gas and will not need a Gas Safety certificate. You must check this.

      Check your detectors!

      You will need at least one smoke alarm on each floor of the property. You’ll also need to look at carbon monoxide alarms in any room where solid fuel appliances are contained.

      Do your checks

      Can you afford it?

      Letting a property can be a big financial strain. To begin with, buy to let mortgages usually have higher fees.

      You’ll also need to consider how you will pay for the mortgage when the property is left empty. Most landlords ensure they have some savings to cover this as it could take two or more months to find new tenants.

      Think about maintenance work to your property as well. Properties naturally deteriorate over time and general repairs will have to be made. Tenants may also cause damage which will need to be fixed when they move out.

      How much rent can you achieve?

      This is a big question for new landlords. Talk to Ricky, our Investments Manager, who will be able to give you a free rental valuation. This can be done either over the phone or in person. Find out how much rent you can achieve today by calling 0115 924 3304 or visit our rental income page.

      What else needs to be considered?

      Whilst we have tried to include all essential information in this guide, lettings legislation can change regularly and there may be other things you need to consider based on your individual circumstances. Our advice would be to speak to our lettings team directly to go through the finer details. We’ll aim to ensure nothing is missed. Just call 0115 924 3304 today.

      Walton & Allen Property Investment Club

      Property Investment Club: Helping our buy to let investors

      Walton & Allen have launched an exclusive property club for landlords and investors. Those who join for free gain access to:

      • Exclusive email notifications on investment properties with high potential gross yields
      • Free initial investment mortgage advice
      • Exclusive deals on lettings management fees
      • Free advice on Nottingham Selective Licensing applications
      • Free property investment advice

      Join other Nottingham landlords and investors by joining our Property Investment Club. It’s completely free to become a member.

      To join and take advantage of these exclusive investment offers, use the form below.

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        Landlord Property Valuation Nottingham

        Landlord Property Valuation Nottingham

        Are you looking for a Landlord property valuation, Nottingham?

        Walton & Allen Letting Agents in Nottingham were recently nominated as one of the best letting agents across the country. We manage hundreds of properties for happy Landlords and are proud to say that we have a 97% occupancy rate at all times.

        Get a free property valuation

        If you are a Landlord with a buy to let property then talk to us today about how we can help you. Our dedicated Investments Manager, Ricky, aims to always get the best possible rental price for your property. Furthermore, he is always looking to actively increase rent in all areas of Nottingham.

        You can call Ricky on 0115 924 3304 or use the form below to request a Landlord property valuation.

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          About Walton & Allen Letting Agents Nottingham

          Walton & Allen Letting Agents in Nottingham have been established since 2000. We were recently nominated as one of the best letting agents with a single branch across the whole country.

          We are located in the Lace Market in Nottingham and let properties for Landlords across the whole of Nottinghamshire and further afield.

          Buy to let fixed mortgages cheaper than a year ago

          Buy to let mortgages now cheaper than last year

          It has been revealed that most buy to let fixed mortgages are now cheaper than a year ago. Some are down by as much as £29 per month on a typical mortgage of £150,000.

          Landlords who have chosen a 5 year fixed deal have seen the biggest drop in costs. This is pleasing for most Landlords as 5 year deals have slowly been gaining popularity over the last few years.

          Most Landlords choose to go for a mortgage deal with 50, 60 or 75 per cent of the property value. Savings were calculated as £8 per month at 50%, £29 at 60% and £21 at 75%.

          Those Landlords who were looking at a 2 year fixed mortgage deal didn’t make as much of a saving. However, those on a mortgage deal at 65 per cent of the property value made an average saving of £11 per month.

          Landlords encouraged to act now

          Landlords are being encouraged to act now if they are looking to remortgage soon. Interest rates could change with Brexit so serious thought should be given, particularly from those looking at 5 year buy to let deals.

          Nottingham buy to let market

          In recent months, Nottingham has been rated as the best city for buy to let investments. This is reportedly down to the large student population where particular areas in NG1 and NG7 can produce very high gross yields. Rental values have also risen dramatically across the city in the last twelve months – Great news for Landlords.

          Want to check on your buy to let mortgage deal?

          Do you want to check how much you could potentially save on your buy to let mortgage deal? Perhaps you are coming up to the end of your term and need to compare the mortgage market? Talk to our mortgage broker today by calling 0115 924 3304 or by using the form below.

          You can also see what we do for Landlords here.

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            Best Buy To Let City: Nottingham Hits Top Spot

            Best Buy To Let City is Nottingham

            Totally Money have commissioned a survey across 580,000 properties in Britain. Their findings have produced a report which highlight the best cities across the country to purchase a buy to let investment property.

            How did Nottingham rank for property investment?

            Two Nottingham postcodes hit the top 5 spots for buy to let property investment, making it the best buy to let city in the UK. NG1 was hailed as the number one postcode in the UK, with an average rental yield of 11.99%. The NG7 postcode also made it to number 5 with an average yield of 8.89%.

            Liverpool ranked in second place with the L7 postcode as well as in fourth place with L1. In third place was Cleveland with the TS1 postcode.

            Why did Nottingham rank highly?

            Totally Money have calculated that the cities with the highest rental yields are usually large university cities. Nottingham of course has two universities, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham. Over 37,000 people study at these institutions which makes it one of the largest student populations in the UK. Around 1 in 8 people living in Nottingham are students.

            Our take on this investment news

            Whilst this sounds like great news, we would always advise buy to let investors to be cautious when purchasing new property. Nottingham rental yields have been some of the best in the UK for a long time but not all will produce a high 11.99% yield. When looking to buy, why not talk to our sales or investment teams on 0115 924 3304? They will be able to advise on potential rental values and great areas of Nottingham to buy in. You can also use the form below to ask any questions.

            New and existing Nottingham Landlords

            Are you getting the highest rental values for your properties? Walton & Allen Letting Agents Nottingham will conduct a rental review for you free of charge by calling 0115 9243304. Alternatively you can use the form below to receive more information.

            Get in touch with our letting agents

            Use this form to ask any questions about the best buy to let city in the UK, or to talk to us about our sales and lettings services.

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              Where do other cities rank for investment?

              The below chart shows where other cities rank in the UK for buy to let investments.

              #PostcodePostcode TownProperties for RentAverage Monthly Rental ValueProperties for SaleAverage Asking PriceYield
              6NE6North East540£834216£118,7898.43%
              7NE1North East357£1,095157£161,0358.16%

              Nottingham Additional Licensing for HMOs

              Nottingham Additional Licensing

              Find out everything you need to know on Nottingham Additional Licensing

              The new Additional Licensing Scheme for HMOs will begin on 1st January 2019. Additional Licensing will apply to HMOs (house in multiple occupation), shared houses and flats which have 3 or 4 occupants from multiple households. This means that they are not part of the same family. The scheme also applies to converted flats, ie. A house which has been converted into several flats or apartments.

              Do you need help or advice with your Nottingham Additional Licensing? Call 0115 9243304 now and speak to our team, or use the form at the bottom of this page.

              Which licence do I need for my Nottingham property?

              You may need to apply for one of three licences issues by Nottingham City Council. The type needed will depend on how many tenants are living in your rented property and their relationship with each other.

              additional licensing nottingham

              Selective Licensing

              Selective Licensing is needed if you rent a property with up to two tenants and the address falls within the Nottingham City Council Licensing boundaries. Read more about Nottingham Selective Licensing.

              Additional HMO Licensing

              Needed if you rent a property to between three and five tenants who are from more than one household. (ie. Not members of the same family)

              Mandatory HMO Licensing

              This is a national scheme but controlled by your local council. You will need this licence if your rental property has more than five tenants living there, from more than one household. This includes student houses.

              What are the conditions of the Additional HMO Licence?

              The Council will ask you for information on your property to ensure you are compliant. This includes:

              • Details on how many people live in each bedroom
              • Relevant safety certificates including Gas, Electric and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
              • Proof of PAT testing for any portable electronic devices left for the tenants
              • Details of fire detection systems, smoke alarms and emergency escape lighting
              • Details of carbon monoxide alarms
              • Details of how you deal with maintenance issues
              • Details of your security arrangements for the property
              • Details of how often you inspect the property
              • An explanation of how you deal with rubbish and how you notify the tenants of this
              • Proof you provide tenants with move-in information packs
              • Details on how you manage the tenancies
              • Details on how you deal with anti-social behaviour
              • Proof of relevant Landlord training which must be undertaken every 3 years

              You can read more about the HMO licensing conditions on the Nottingham City Council website.

              How much does Nottingham Additional Licensing cost?

              The total standard fee for an Additional HMO Licence is £1330. You pay £890 up front and £440 when your application is approved.

              Those Landlords who choose to be ‘less compliant’ (don’t follow all Council recommendations) will pay a total of £1720. This breaks down as £890 up front and £830 when your application is approved.

              DASH or Unipol accredited Landlords will pay a total of £990. This is a cost of £615 and £375 respectively. You can find out more about DASH or Unipol on our Licencing Discount page.

              All fees apply to properties with a maximum of 9 bedrooms.

              Extra Nottingham Additional Licensing Fees

              You may also have to pay extra fees. These are:

              Extra bedrooms fee: £25 per additional bedroom where there are more than 9 in the property*
              Finders fee: £150 if the Council find you have not applied for an Additional HMO Licence when you should have previously*
              Fee to change from Selective to Additional Licensing (or vice versa): 25% of the new licence application fee*
              Missed inspection fee: £50 if you fail to attend a previously arranged inspection on your property
              Extra correspondence: £30 if the Council have to go above and beyond the usual licencing application communications
              Extra copy documentation: £30 if you require duplicate copies of paperwork
              Paper application request: £30 if you choose to apply using traditional paper methods instead of online
              Paper application processing: £65 for the Council to undertake extra work in processing the paper application
              Housing Act 2004 enforcement action: £350

              *These fees are applicable when you make your first application payment

              What if I don’t apply for an Additional HMO Licence?

              If you do not comply Nottingham City Council can fine you up to £30,000, or a prosecution with an unlimited fine. As well as this, a record of non compliance with Housing Law may affect your ability to obtain any licence in the future.

              Need help with your Additional Licensing?

              If you are confused about Nottingham Additional Licensing or if you would like us to process the application on your behalf and help you apply for a license then please get in touch. You can call us on 0115 924 3304 for some advice, or use the contact form below.

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                Netherfield Selective Licensing: What You Need To Know

                Netherfield Selective Licensing Nottingham: What you need to know

                Gedling Borough Council have now introduced a Netherfield Selective Licensing Scheme, just after the introduction of the same scheme across the Nottingham City Council boundaries.

                Whilst the City Council introduced their scheme across almost the whole of their sector, Gedling Borough Council are for now just focusing on the Netherfield area.

                The deadline when applying for a Netherfield Selective Licence was 1st November 2018. You must apply for this as soon as possible if your privately rented property is within the Licencing area.

                Don’t panic though. We can help you with your application if you are struggling. Please call 0115 924 3304 immediately or use the form at the bottom of this page.

                What is Netherfield Selective Licensing?

                The aim of the Selective Licensing scheme is to ‘raise the standards in the privately rented sector and to ensure that all tenants living in them are able to enjoy a safe, comfortable and well managed home’. A landlord will need a licence for every property they own within the affected areas.

                You can find out more about Selective Licensing here.

                Is my Netherfield property affected?

                To find out if your privately rented property needs a licence, you can view a map on the Gedling Borough Council website. If you rent out your property to tenants within this area then you will need a Licence.

                How much does Netherfield Selective Licensing cost?

                The price to apply for a Netherfield Selective Licence is £640. The Licence lasts for 5 years and after this you will need to reapply. You are asked to pay £475 on application and the further £165 once your Licence is approved.

                If you cannot apply online then the costs increase slightly. The total cost for the Licence will be £700, where you pay £535 up front and £165 later.

                Are there any discounts?

                You are eligable for a discount if you are DASH accredited. This is a third party who are responsible for inspecting privately owned properties. There are fees involved which you can view here. If you are not already DASH accredited then it is likely that you will not be able to apply in time before you have to apply for a Netherfield Selective Licence.

                The discounted fee for current DASH accredited Landlords is £490. You must pay £360 up front and £130 once the application is granted. If you are not applying online the cost will be £550. This breaks down as £420 up front and £130 once the application is granted.

                What if I want to sell my property?

                You may be able to apply for a TEN (Temporary Exemption Notice) although you must prove that your house is for sale. Approval for this is at the Council’s discretion. You can read more about TEN notices on the Nottingham City Council website.

                Don’t want the hassle of monitoring the licencing conditions?

                Walton & Allen are commuted to monitoring licencing conditions for properties which are fully managed by us. We also offer discounts when applying for a licence on your behalf. Call us today to find out more on 0115 924 3304. You can also use the form below to get advice.

                  You can contact me for marketing purposes via:


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                  Netherfield Selective Licensing Documents

                  These documents below will provide you with more information on Netherfield Selective Licensing.

                  Proposed Licensing Conditions
                  Proposed Licensing Fee Structure
                  Map of the Netherfield Selective Licensing Area