Tenant – Marco Island

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for prompt response.

Thank you very much for all the support.

Jim Smith Quote

This the the best thing in the world, all of my life I’ve been searching for something like this.

Tenant from The Hicking Building

I would like to express my appreciation for the way in which you helped us move house.  You have been accommodative and flexible right from booking viewings to the final inspection of the previous property.  In all our interactions, I found you to be very helpful and eager to get things moving to complete the transaction.  All in all, your efforts made our move easy.   Thank you!

Owner in a development we are taking over

 It is great to be free of the previous managing agent.  I am sure your charges will be less ridiculous, and you will be a more hands on and approachable.  Contacting anyone with any ownership of issues used to be a nightmare.

Tenant at Park West

Walton & Allen always take action or at least address my concerns which I really appreciate.

Tenant at Park West

During my 3 years tenancy at Park West Walton & Allen have always been really helpful and do a great job looking after the building.


Thank you again for your continued support to developing our investment portfolio.