Nottingham housing market strongest in UK

New figures from Zoopla reveal that the Nottingham housing market is the strongest in the UK.

The Daily Mail has reported that Nottingham property owners are selling their homes in good time and with little discounts too.

Nottingham Housing Market

According to the latest reports by Hometrack, Nottingham was joint third for growth again. Nottingham house prices grew 5.2% over the last 12 months. The city was joint third with Belfast and was just behind Manchester at 5.6% growth and Leicester at 6.1% growth.

Nottingham house price growth is also high above the rest of the UK average, which currently stands at just 3.1%!

The other great news here is that Nottingham had a below average price discount of just 2 per cent. This means that Vendors who are looking to sell their property are hardly having to accept discounted offers. Sales are also agreed quicker than average in Nottingham. The average time to achieve a sale was also less than 2 months.

nottingham housing market

Nottingham housing market remains strong

Interestingly, some of the top cities for growth last month have seen a large drop. Edinburgh, for example, registered property price growth of 6.6% last month (year on year), but has dropped to only 3.0% growth this month.

Nottingham remains resilient and has stayed strong. As mentioned, the city remains in the top three for growth across the UK.

East Midlands housing market

The East Midlands as a whole has seen growth over both the last month and the last twelve months. Rightmove report that there is a month on month increase of 0.7% and an annual  increase of 2.7%. The East Midlands is also one of the quickest areas to agree a sale in England, just behind the West Midlands.

Thoughts from our Estate Agents in Nottingham

Walton & Allen continues to sell property quickly, and at the right price. There is a huge demand for property in Nottingham and we have never seen more out of town buyers. It would seem the great value Nottingham offers is reaching investors from all overt the country. Nottingham house prices, although rising, offer fantastic value and are affordable to first time buyers. Due to the buoyant housing market in Nottingham, sellers have found there is little need to accept discounted offers. Property prices in Nottingham have seen a steady increase throughout the last three years and it seems set to continue. Now is a great time to take advantage of the growth the city has to offer.

Is now a good time to sell?

Yes. You are extremely likely to sell within a reasonable amount of time, at a price you are happy to accept. This will allow you to either climb the housing ladder or realise the value you have already accrued.

If you are looking to move then why not see how much your property is worth today, for free?

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Nottingham property prices third in country for growth

Nottingham property prices now third in the country for growth over the last year

Nottingham property prices growth is off to a great start in 2019. The latest report provided by Hometrack shows that at the end of the year Nottingham was third for price growth across the whole of the country.

In the last 12 months, Nottingham property prices have increased by 5.7%. The only cities with higher growth were Birmingham at 6.3% and both Manchester and Edinburgh in the top position at 6.6%.

Nottingham also saw a property price growth of 0.9% in the last month alone.

Where is the Nottingham property market heading?

In 2019, the average growth predicted across the country is 2%. Nottingham is expected to continue to outperform the majority of the country with price growth expected to be much higher.

If you’re looking to move then there is no better time than now.

Walton & Allen Estate Agents in Nottingham have seen a large rise in valuation requests already in 2019. In addition, Rightmove have released figures which state visits to their website are up 5% on the previous year. This shows that more buyers than ever are looking to find that perfect home.

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House Prices in Nottingham

House Prices in Nottingham: We top every UK city for growth

Nottingham now ranks as the top city in the UK for house price growth according to Hometrack. House prices in Nottingham have risen 7.5% in the last 12 months which puts us above Leicester at 6.6% and Liverpool at 6.3%.

Nottingham house prices are also the fastest growing in the last 3 months at 3.9%. Glasgow comes in second for the last 3 months growth at 3.3% and Leeds in third at 3.1%.

That’s not all though; Nottingham house prices were also the highest growing in the last month alone at 1.0%.



Nottingham house prices
Source: Hometrack

East Midlands Property Prices

East Midlands property prices have still had a strong increase in the last 12 months. Prices are up 3.4%.  The average house price across the area is £223,172.

What does this mean for your Nottingham Property?

As an approximate value, if you paid £150,000 for a property 12 months ago then it could be worth over £161,000. If you paid £250,000 for a property then this could now be worth around £268,000 – an increase of over £18,000!

There has not been a better time for Nottingham property price growth in years, so if you’re thinking of selling then now could be a great time to do so.

You can find out how much your property is worth by calling 0115 9243304 or by using the form below. There is no obligation to sell through Walton & Allen Estate Agents Nottingham.

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Nottingham Rental Prices

Nottingham rental prices have also grown rapidly – Prices in the East Midlands as a whole have seen the largest growth in 40 months! Find out more here and see how much rent you should be getting for your buy to let investment property.


Nottingham Property Prices Rise Again

Nottingham property prices rise by 1%

Nottingham property prices are on the up as they rise by 1% in the latest report provided by Hometrack. The report also states that prices have risen by 2.8% over the last 3 months and a large 6.5% in the last 12 months. This means if you bought a house valued at £150,000 last year, it could be worth £159,750 – You may have made almost £10,000 in a year!

How much is your house now worth? Find out here.

Increased demand for housing has been described as one of the factors for growth; There is still a lack of housing for sale compared to buyer demand across the country, which is pushing prices up. This means your house should sell for a great price and very quickly if you are looking to sell now.

Nottingham property prices compared to other cities

The average property price in Nottingham currently is £150,000 exactly. In the last month, Nottingham sits in 3rd place for growth across the whole of the UK. First place is Edinburgh (1.2% growth) and joint second place is Aberdeen, Glasgow and Liverpool (1.1% property price growth).

East Midlands property price update

Rightmove state that the East Midlands property market is still one of the fastest areas when it comes to average selling time. Houses usually sell within 52 days which is only beaten across England by the West Midlands at 48 days. Average property price growth throughout the whole of the East Midlands in the last 12 months is 4.6%, so Nottingham is well above average at 6.5%.

This means if you’re looking to sell quickly, and for the right price, now is definitely a good time.

How much is your property worth?

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Nottingham House Prices 2018 – Highest Growth in England

Nottingham House Prices in 2018: An update

We give you the lowdown on current Nottingham house prices in 2018. UK house price growth is up +5.5% across the country within the last 12 months (March 2017-March 2018). The supply of homes for sale across the country has also increased slightly over the last few months and it looks like the housing market is continuing to pick up after the winter period.

Rightmove have also reported record visits to their website throughout March 2018, which shows a strong interest from those looking to buy property.

Find out how much your house is worth.

Nottingham House Prices 2018

Hometrack have released their latest housing market report and Nottingham is doing incredibly well when compared to the rest of the UK. We sit in 2nd place for property price growth in the last 12 months, at a rate of +8%, well above the average. The only city to beat Nottingham was Edinburgh at +8.1%, which is hardly a large increase.

Nottingham also sits in 2nd place across the country for property price growth in the last 3 months. Prices are up +2.7%, again just under Edinburgh at +3.2%.

There is yet more good news for Nottingham as it also ranks in 3rd position for overall house price growth in the last month. Prices have grown +0.9%, which is behind Belfast at +1% and Edinburgh again at 1.5%.

The overall average property price in the city is £148,000.

Taking all this information into account, Nottingham house prices in 2018 are currently the best for growth across the whole of England.

East Midlands House Prices 2018

House prices in the East Midlands as a whole are also up. They have increased by +4.2% annually and 1.5% over the last month. The overall average property price in the East Midlands in April 2018 stands at £221,297.

Interesting to note is that the East Midlands is still selling property very quickly. The average sale only takes 55 days, which is 3rd across the UK, just behind the West Midlands and Scotland.

Find out how much your house is worth.

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Is Christmas the best time to sell your property?

Put your house on the market before Christmas!

And these are the reasons why…

When looking to sell your property you might think that Christmas is not a good time to choose. Buyers are usually more focused on Christmas and wish to wait until the new year before they begin their property search. This is not the case!

Rightmove reported early last year that they received well over 1 million visits to their website on Christmas Day, with even more traffic on Boxing Day.

Christmas 2016 saw an increase in traffic of over 5% compared to the previous year, meaning over 50,000 more people per day were potentially looking at property online. Over 8,000,000 visits were recorded between then and the new year.

With this information in mind, if you are thinking of moving then your house has to be on the market over the festive period.

When should you market your property over Christmas?

The answer is now! You need to have your marketing photographs taken before the Christmas decorations are put up. If they appear on Rightmove and Zoopla then your property photographs instantly look dated, especially if your sale runs into the new year.

Even if you do not instruct us as an estate agent to market your property until 22nd December, this still gets everything set up and ready to go.

Should you leave it until the new year?

No! Why would you want to leave your property offline over one of the busiest periods for prospective buyers? Some property owners prefer to leave their property marketing until the new year. Whilst this is also acceptable, many potential viewings will be missed from the Rightmove and Zoopla visits over Christmas. You also run the risk of having your property buried in hundreds of listings as all agents return to work at the start of January.

Has your property value increased?

When was the last time you had a free valuation for your property? House prices have risen in Nottingham month on month for quite some time over this year.

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Estate Agents Hucknall – Sold in less than a week

Introducing Lime Street, Bulwell. The staff in our estate agents Hucknall have sold this property in less than a week, without photographs!

A local property developer approached Walton & Allen back in early September to arrange selling his property in Bulwell. The property did need some work but our staff suggested to put the property on the market before the work was done in order to gain interest.

The only picture placed on our website and Rightmove was this:

estate agents hucknall lime street

A 3D floor plan was also added and a description and the property was launched on 15th September.

The terraced house comprises three bedrooms, one en-suite bathroom and one family bathroom and is located on a street only 3 minutes walk from Bulwell town centre. Both bathrooms and the kitchen were ripped out and replaced as brand new.

Our Hucknall staff quickly got to work once the property was launched and booked in several viewings. Within 4 days an offer had been submitted and accepted.

Lime Street achieved full asking price after the buyer was persuaded to look in this area by Harli, one of our Negotiators. She immediately fell in love with the house.

Why not see our other property for sale in Bulwell, Hucknall and Nottinghamshire?

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Mortgage Advice

We also offer mortgage advice to those in Nottingham, Hucknall, Bulwell and all surrounding areas, with our head office in Nottingham.

Estate Agents Papplewick – More property needed

Estate Agents Papplewick

Walton & Allen are estate agents selling property in Papplewick, with the head office in Nottingham city centre.

Having sold property in Papplewick several months ago, we currently have many buyers in and around this area, including Hucknall, who are looking to purchase immediately.

A recent example is this fantastic detached house on Mansfield Road, Papplewick. The house had 4 bedrooms, two reception rooms, and a beautiful garden overlooking paddocks. The property was on the market for £300,000.

Papplewick Property Valuations

Are you looking for a property valuation, in and around the Papplewick and Hucknall area? Get in touch for a free, no obligation valuation, to see how much your property is worth.

estate agents papplewick papplewick estate agents

estate agents hucknall papplewick

Zoopla reports that the average house price in Papplewick is £364,747. This is more expensive than the nearby areas of Linby and Bestwood Village, but cheaper than Ravenshead.

Papplewick is a small area in Nottinghamshire which boasts a pub, The Griffin’s Head, a village hall and a local church. Papplewick also features Papplewick Pumping Station which provided drinking water to the city of Nottingham up until 1969 when it was decommissioned. It is now a museum.

Legend has it that Papplewick also has links to Robin Hood. Some say he cut his bows from the yew trees in the church yard.

Property Valuations

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Mortgage Advice

Walton & Allen also offer independent mortgage advice, to help find the best deal for you and try and save you the most money. If you are looking to remortgage or are coming to the end of your fixed mortage deal we can help. Initial advice is free of charge and can be provided over the phone or in person at our branches or at your home. Get in touch with our mortgage advisors below.

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Hucknall New Build Property

Over the last twelve months house prices in Hucknall have continued to rise, according to figures released by Rightmove the online property portal. In the past year they have risen 8% continuing the trend set in 2014-2015 of a 14% annual rise. This is despite most news agencies predicting a slowdown in the housing market.

The continued development in Hucknall of new build property, both at the Rolls Royce site and Papplewick Lane area coupled with the new road designed to ease traffic problems in Hucknall town centre, are fast developing Hucknall into a prime location for families and first time buyers alike.

More and more property sellers are coming to Walton & Allen estate agents Hucknall with a view to buying a new build property in the Hucknall area. We work with many new build homes developers who specialise in working with us to sell your home quickly, in order to move into your new property as soon as it has been built.

We also have a number of homes which were bought as new builds which are currently on the market in Hucknall. Examples of this include Ashgate Road (left) and Bakewell Lane in Hucknall, NG15.

hucknall new build

new build property in hucknall

Walton and Allen Hucknall continues to provide a first class service to both buyers and sellers in Hucknall and the surrounding area.

Our years of experience in the Nottingham property market, together with the range of services we’re able to offer makes us your number one choice when selling your property. We’re the traditional high street estate agent with a modern, innovative and forward thinking perspective.

When it comes to selling your property, nobody will work harder on your behalf than Nottingham estate agents, Walton & Allen.

Why not book your free property valuation with our estate agents in Nottingham?

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