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Let’s avoid any fire related disasters!

The whole country, if not the whole world, is waiting to see how the public inquiry into the fire disaster at Grenfell Tower which commenced on 14th September (3 months after the event) progresses. Many of those who lost friends and family amongst the 80 plus persons whose lives were taken are dissatisfied with the timing and structure of the Inquiry.

Here at Walton and Allen we also are keen to know the results and conclusions of the inquiry, but we are not speculating on the results nor are we sitting around and waiting for them.

As soon as we were aware of the tragedy, we put in place a professional team to review all aspects of fire safety in all the blocks where we act for the RTM Companies as the Managing Agent.
We are progressively going through the details of every block establishing any faults and detailing the rectification works necessary to make the buildings compliant with current Fire Safety Regulations. Naturally this takes time for correct and proper inspection and involves cost for the survey works and ultimately costs for the remediation works which in some instances may be considerable.

Whatever the costs may be, they will pale into insignificance when considered against the scenario of loss of life and material goods a la Grenfell Tower.
We would stress that we are working to the best of our ability and with haste to come up with answers in the form of recommendations for remedial works. This involves close liaison with the Local Authority and Fire Authority.

Ultimately we have a responsibility to report the facts and advise on action to the Directors of the RTM Companies. The final decision and responsibility for dealing with these matters is that of the appointed Directors who have a legal responsibility and duty of care to the leaseholders and the property.

The consequences of not getting things to a correct and proper state could be devastating for the building the leaseholders and the Directors and we all need to work together to avoid any disaster.

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Walton & Allen Commended by Nottingham City Council

Walton & Allen have been commended by Nottingham City Council for being so proactive in working towards a safer environment for all residents in managed blocks.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, Walton & Allen have announced they have put in place with immediate effect a dedicated Fire Safety Team for all their 43 residential apartment blocks, managed across the East Midlands.

Whilst safety has always been top priority for residents within all blocks, Walton & Allen want to ensure every occupant is as safe as possible when living in their apartment.

The Fire Safety Team will carry out a wide variety of tasks, including:
• Day to day safety checks
• Fire risk assessments
• Liaising with fire departments, governments and local councils to ensure that all statutory and legal requirements are met
• Conducting surveys for each building
• Reviewing building materials previously passed by regulators and taking action if appropriate
• Checking the construction of the buildings and rectifying any inadequacies to ensure the integrity of the buildings

Walton & Allen are confident that they are the only Managing Agent actively taking as many steps as possible to minimise the risk of fire and would encourage all other agents to produce a similar plan of action immediately.

Block Management in Nottingham

Block Management Nottingham

Walton & Allen provide block management services to over 40 buildings across the UK, with some containing over 300 individual flats. We aim to deliver a high quality service to all our clients, whilst maintaining long lasting relationships.

Our aim is to turn every building into a safe, clean and desirable location to live or invest in.

Walton & Allen Block Management are always looking to take on new or existing developments so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Please call 0115 924 1813 or enter your details using the form below.

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About Block Management

Block Management: The process of dealing with or controlling things or people

Like it or not, everyone has to manage themselves at some stage of their lives. For many, the challenge is managing their finances and other aspects of their lives including their families and in particular their children.

For most, it is a challenge that they are prepared to take on and fully embrace but for some it is a really arduous task which, at worse, they will try and avoid and hope that somehow things will sort themselves out. In some people it would seem that it is an inbred skill whilst others have to work at developing the same.

Here at Walton & Allen we provide services to many people who are looking to either rent or buy property but also we manage a lot of property for owners. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer and achieve.

Our block management Nottingham team take the responsibility of looking after other people’s interests very seriously, and whether they have natural skills or not, we are trained in all aspects of management to take away the pain and strain which arises from inherent problems. We strive to give the best advice to our clients in order to jointly arrive at the correct decision to enable us to successfully manage on their behalf.

We have a great record of managing for our clients and many of our new clients come to us on recommendations. Having said this, we are never complacent and are always happy to listen and take on board any constructive feedback or positive ideas.

To understand exactly what we can offer for you in terms of block management across Nottingham and across the UK, you can visit our block management page.

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