Making Your Home as Photogenic & Saleable as Possible, Without Spending an Unnecessary Fortune

Last month I met a lovely couple and their young child. They had decided to move. Like many other families of their age, they needed more space. However, they had made the fatal mistake of house hunting first which had resulted in them finding a home they loved. They needed a quick sale. However, they also needed a top price in order to be able to afford their dream property.

Does this situation sound familiar? This is what I advised they did, and it worked. Their home is sold.


Begin by making your rooms look more spacious. Remove any excess furniture, kids’ toys and tables, get rid of the coats on the back of the door, plump up the cushions and arrange the furniture so that the space is maximised; stand in the corner of the room and study the room from this perspective as though you were taking a picture and see how spacious it all looks.

Clean & touch up

Look objectively at your home. Now is the time to really give it a thorough clean. Make it sparkle and shine. Touch up any paint work. If you want the best price, your decor needs to be fresh and tidy. If you find it difficult deciding which bits to do, get a friend to have a look around and ask their opinion as though they were a buyer.


It works for the show homes, so it will work for you. Think like a hotel and dress your bed. Invest in statement light fittings for your main living areas. Plump up cushions in your lounge. Make sure your home so that it co-ordinates and flows. It all helps to impress those buyers.

Bringing it all together

Add in a full marketing package and an experienced sales team and you will give your home the best chance of selling for the best price possible. If you’re looking for more personal advice, suited to your home, it is worth having a consultation with Walton & Allen’s experienced property Valuers.

One of our Walton & Allen branches has hit an average selling time of just 7 weeks. Is it your time to sell?

First Time Buyers (FTB)

First Time Buyers (FTB) – Should you be looking for a ‘bargain’, or do you actually just want to get out of where you are at the moment and onto the property ladder?

Its common knowledge that a property is usually advertised for the most optimistic price in anticipation that buyers will always present their first offer lower than one would hope, however are buyers really thinking ‘let’s get ourselves a bargain’, or are they actually thinking ‘I need to get on the property ladder and I love that home’?

Now that we’ve all realised the world isn’t going to end after Brexit, people have started to come out of hibernation and get back to what they intended to do at the start of the year – buy a home!

I can honestly say that I haven’t seen any decrease in interest when considering First Time Buyers and with new mortgage offers appearing every month, such as the ‘Family Spring Board Mortgage’ from Barclays, it’s even more attractive to buy now than ever. (That’s effectively the first 100% mortgage we’ve seen in nearly 10 years, by the way!)

Yes, there may still be a few nerves within the higher price bandings, mainly down to the fact that a 5% deflation in the market is a harder hit to take when considering a £300,000 house. However, if I rent a property for £600 PCM, I’d have to lose at least £5000 PER YEAR for it to put me off buying my first house.

So when a FTB sees the perfect house come on the market for £100,000, it’s important to remember it is probably perfect for multiple other people. Keeping in mind the above, it’s quite possible they’re currently losing around £7200 per year on their rented house and it’s going nowhere but into the Landlords pocket. What do you think their priority is? To get it for £95,000? Or to pay £102,000 for it and ensure that their offer is the highest on the table?

Convinced? I am. So how can we help?

My team of Personal Property Finders and Marketing Analysts have the sole purpose of finding houses for new buyers, on or off of the market. Why? There are far more first time buyers than there are first time buyer type properties. Certainly from what I’ve experienced, and by letting us know who you are and what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find your perfect home and beat other buyers to it.

Are you selling a FTB type house? If you haven’t sold within the first 4-6 weeks MAX, give Walton & Allen a call and receive a free, in depth marketing report to find out exactly why and how we can help.

360 Degree Virtual Reality Viewings – Do They Work?

Now we’re two months in, are the virtual reality property viewings just a bit of a gimmick, or are they selling houses?

Since Walton & Allen teamed up with Newton Media TV ( two months ago to become the only Estate Agent in the country to use this technology with resale of properties, we’ve seen twelve Vendors share our passion for using these tours to help sell their house.

So, how has it all been working?

When one of our Residential Valuers has attended a property, they have taken the opportunity to showcase the tours during the appraisal. Vendors have been amazed by how accurately and detailed the videos are and how instantly accessible the video makes their property to prospective buyers, all over the country and beyond.

Nick Aston, Senior Valuer, says ‘Amongst many other marketing services that we offer, we’re finding that our virtual reality viewings are making Walton & Allen stand out miles ahead of our competition, currently being the only Estate Agent able to offer this service.’

Once the Vendor has chosen this service, each video is produced by Newton Media and embedded into the Walton & Allen website, publicised on both Rightmove, Zoopla and other property portals, ready for thousands of buyers to virtually walk through their home from anywhere in the world.

Since our launch, we’ve accumulated over 4000 independent views on our property tours, received numerous offers on multiple properties, one of which came from an overseas buyer who had viewed the tour online before making an offer, and a further 3 have sold SSTC.

We’re very excited to continue to provide this service to all of our future vendors; we are continually working towards even more advanced technology to further install the ‘wow’ factor for both buyers and Vendors.

Soon to be launched by Walton & Allen will be our 5D floorplans which gives the buyer the best possible understanding of a properties layout as well as being able to add unique features, tailored to each individual property.

For anyone that wishes to experience the 360 virtual reality tour for themselves, please visit Walton & Allen’s YouTube channel ‘Walton and Allen VR’.

To learn why we’ve invested in this idea, check out the video below:

Walton & Allen Estate Agents launch 360° virtual reality to enable remote viewings of properties in Nottingham

Window card brochures are already a thing of the past at Walton & Allen Estate Agents. That’s thanks to our new 46” touchscreen TVs which prospective buyers can interact with and view our properties, 24/7 from outside our flagship office in the centre of Nottingham’s Lace Market.


Now Walton & Allen Estate Agents are joining forces with to take property browsing  in Nottingham to the next dimension with the introduction of incredible virtual reality viewings! Walton & Allen Estate Agent, Joe Newton explains that, “Using our Walton & Allen app which links straight to our YouTube channel, clients can experience virtual reality viewings of properties in Nottingham from anywhere in the world, using their smartphone or computer. Prospective buyers and tenants can now immerse themselves in any property Walton & Allen are marketing, looking at every angle of every room, gauging its true size, space and build quality – an impossible feat for still photos.”

Once again, Walton & Allen, Nottingham Premier Estate Agents, set the trend where other estate agents will soon follow, using virtual reality technology to bring real benefits to homebuyers as Joe points out, “Viewing a property in the flesh, in the company of an experienced Estate Agent is something that simply can’t be replaced, however, there are big benefits to using VR. Clients can use our in-house virtual reality station to view multiple properties, and save hours by narrowing down their search to those they actually want to commit to seeing”.


Since YouTube’s announcement in 2015 that they will now support virtual reality videos, the virtual reality world has grown massively. The property industry has had some people dabbling with the idea of virtual reality tours, but certainly nothing on a large scale – not until now thanks to Walton & Allen Estate Agents and Newtonmedia.TV.
Mark Batty, Director of Walton & Allen Estate Agents said that, “We’re extremely excited to set the trend for using virtual reality within the property industry. As a company who fully understands the power of attractive marketing, we’re very much looking forward to adding this new dimension to the property world.”


View a VR property example