Block Management FAQ

Block Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my service charge going up?
    Walton & Allen do not set the cost of your yearly service charge. This is decided by the board of directors for your building. Your service charge may increase due to one off maintenance charges such as roof repairs, or fire safety updates after Grenfell Tower. It may also increase due to inflation. We endevour to provide as much detail as possible as to why your service charge has increased on every cover letter sent with a tenant demand.
  • I want to report a maintenance issue in my block
    If you have a maintenance issue which relates to the common areas of your block then please email
  • How do I request a meter reading?
    You can request a meter reading for a flat by emailing Some blocks have a meter reading request form on the public noticeboard so please check this first. You can also request a meter reading through the Walton & Allen app.
  • How do I contact the Block Management team with a question?
    Email Please ensure you state your name, which building your query relates to and which property you own.
  • How are building maintenance costs calculated?
    When carrying out maintenance work using contractors we receive multiple quotes from companies to ensure we are getting the best price possible. We may also use Broker advice to get the most competitive market quotes for insurance and energy costs.
  • I have an issue with a communication received
    If you believe the information on a letter or email is wrong, or if you have received a communication in error, please email, or call 0115 924 1813. Occasionally our systems can generate communications which are wrong and for that we apologise.
  • How quickly can I expect an issue with my block to be rectified?
    We always aim to tackle issues as soon as they are reported to us. Sometimes we may need to investigate further, or in the case of a maintenance issue we could have to order parts and/or arrange for a site visit. Sometimes we may also have to rely on external contractors who may not be able to deal with an issue immediately. Rest assured that we will address each issue reported to us as soon as we can.
  • I have a noise complaint
    We advise that the police are contacted on their non-emergency number at the time of the disturbance, they may be able to attend at the site and stop the disturbance. If it is on-going we also encourage residents to contact the council and log a complaint with them with each occurrence. The council have more power and can issue noise abatement issues and even confiscate noise equipment. If Walton & Allen are made aware of the complaint we can also contact the owner of the property and make them aware of their tenants behaviour (if applicable).
  • I have an emergency
    If you have an emergency then please call 0115 924 1813. If your emergency is out of hours then call 0844 335 2018. If you are in danger or there is a fire, please call 999. Flat emergencies are classed as loss of power, loss of water or a heavy leak (ie. posing an immediate risk to property or life). Loss of keys or fobs is not an emergency and needs to be dealt with by a Locksmith. No hot water is also not classed as an emergency.
  • Why am I being asked to pay a one off sum?
    With any building there may be unexpected large repairs that have not been budgeted for. Sometimes these issues need to be addressed quickly to stop the deterioration of a building and to safe guard it from future issues. This may mean that you have to pay an extra cost.
  • How do I raise a complaint?
    We’re sorry to hear you may not be completely satisfied with the service our Block Management team have provided. You can fill in the form below to make a complaint.

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