Fire Panel Test

Walton&Allen’s Roaming caretaker has attended site and completed the weekly fire panel test.

Insurance works

WALTON&ALLEN’S maintenance  operatives will be on site replacing the timber structure ceiling to the lower car park.

Emergency lighting

A member of WALTON&ALLEN’S maintenance team have attended today and carried out the Emergency light test.

Lightning Protection Test

A quote for the annual lightning protection test that is due in August has been instructed. We are currently awaiting an attendance date from the contractors.

Fire Safety

A Chartered Surveyor visited site today to inspect any cladding used on the building

Fire Safety

Walton&Allen’s Property and Estate Director  met the NCC Safe homes team on site to have a walk around regarding fire safety. They left happy with what we showed them and did not raise any major concerns.


Fire Safety

Walton&Allen’s Property & Estate Director has carried out a walk around looking at fire safety within the block

Emergency lighting

A member of the WALTON&ALLEN Maintenance team has attended site today and carried out an emergency light test and sweep of the communal areas.

Bin Collection

Unfortunately due to roadworks at the top of Plumptre Street the bins on site have not yet been emptied. Walton&Allen’s Block Management Administrator has contacted the local council who have confirmed that they will try and attend today. If access is restricted they will continue to try and empty the bins before the next collection due Tuesday 27th June.